Thursday, September 30, 2010

This and That

Mackenzie Caquatto's update on the World Selection Camp. (Includes training footage.)

Kim Zmeskal's Raw Ambition video.

A recent interview with Mao Asada and Nobuo Sato was translated.

Joelle Forte says she is just hitting her stride at 24.

Hong Su Jong's registration for worlds shows a 3rd different birthdate in recent years. This is not the first time the PRK has had difficulty keeping their altered passports in order.

US Regionals and Sectionals schedule.

Kiira Korpi's winning short program from Nebelhorn:

US Men's World Training Camp vid (props to USAG for once):


  1. So how come the men get sting mats while the ladies get double ankle sprains from hard landings that take a year to heal? Good training footage though.

  2. Hong Su Jong is actually the one with the changing birthdates, not Hong Un Jong.

  3. Kim was an focused. I don't care what anyone thinks about her gymnastics or her choreo...that girl was TOUGH. Wow.

  4. Wow was it just me or were so some serious muscles that Kim Zmeskal had. Incredible!

  5. Kiira looks like a different skater! amazing what a little David Wilson can do. The transitions and phrasing of that program are just divine and the speed and ice coverage she gets puts most of the other ladies to shame.

  6. Kim is like fine wine, she is getting better with age. I never really appreciated her as much as I should have when she was competing