Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ballet Mania

A reader sent me this video of the diva Diana Vishneva dancing Carmen with attitude that would make Ms. Witt blush.

Jaered Glavin, the dancer with the most personality from The Secret Lives of Dancers, has been doing a little choreography. Here is his 'Lady Gaga Ballet' entry for The Global Dance Contest at Sadler's Wells London. One of the dancers is the delightfully controversial Katie Hurst-Saxton.


  1. I'm happy for Jaered that he's getting all this attention.

    I don't like that Vishneva Carmen from when she was so young (and so skinny). Her more mature versions were so much better. Sexier too.

  2. Well please supply some links of the grande diva!

  3. that's the way Carmen is danced every night by yours truly. in my head and in barefeet in front if the bathroom mirror. perfection. wow.

  4. Diana Vishneva (pronounced Dee-ana Veesh-nyova in Russian) is an example of how a true diva is born; you can't teach fierceness like that. Too many tacky bitches like Slutskaya get referred to as Diva, but this is a a true Diva. Here's a more recent Diana dancing Carmen, reminds me of a panther.

    My fav role of hers, as Nikiya the temple dancer betrayed by her lover in La Bayadere. Here she learns of her betrayal before being bitten to death by an asp. Awesome!

    As a saucy Kitri in Don Quixote

    Artistry in motion as Odette in Swan Lake

    Lopatkina is too cold, Zakharova is too mechanical at times. I'll take passionate, unique, iconic Vishneva over them any time.

  5. Seeing the RNZB next to Russian training just emphasizes how poor the quality of dance is in most ballet companies. The Lady Gaga dance is unimaginative and weak.

  6. This was a take off of ballet if you think that they really dance like this you are very much mistaken