Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This and That

Jaered Glavin took the Royal NZ Ballet's youtube channel on a tour of his outrageous wardrobe.

Evan Bates gave Icenetwork details about his injury and an update. He will be having surgery tomorrow morning.

Evgeny Plushenko took his sweet as time and finally got around to writing a letter to the Russian Figure Skating Federation president to restore his competitive eligibility. Evgeny previously had three weeks to appeal the ISU's decision to revoke his eligibility. He has yet to explain why he didn't just write the appeal in the first place.

Read Key quotes from the US Men's World Team during today's conference call with the press. Jonathan Horton announced that he WILL medal in the All Around this year. Audio from the teleconference is available.

Season Two of Battle of the Blades premieres Sunday and is expected to be an even bigger hit than season one.

Pechalat and Bourzat's SD from Nebelhorn. I'm really missing the Original Dance:

Natalia Laschenova's immigration case remains unresolved.

Wu Jiani spoke to Gymnastike about how Mackenzie Caquatto did at the first selection camp. As usual, she had a problem on beam:

Taylor Spears of OU has a new bar dismount:


  1. plushenko appeal would have gone to the CAS not just stayed in the ISU

  2. Plushenko did not appeal because he did not want to antagonise the ISU further. He decided it would be better to just deal with the ban which he knew would only last for a season anyway, use the season off to recover and get ready, and then apply for reinstatement.

    Really, it's not that hard to understand!?

  3. Plushenko didn't appeal because he has a God Complex. Yes, maybe lesser skaters would have written the letter the first time around, but Plushenko should have been pardoned in the first place. Rules only apply to mortals.

    Get it?

  4. So Laschenova comes here legally, gets a job and becomes a contributing citizen, yet she is being put through the ringer. Meanwhile, millions of illegal immigrants who committed a crime by coming here are not only permitted to stay, but are given the backing of many in our government. Pathetic, absolutely PATHETIC.

  5. I want the original dance back too. The short dance just seems TOO compulsory now.

  6. Does Johnathan Horton realize that if he says he WILL medal, that means he definitely won't medal? By now, he should know to focus on his performance and then let the results take care of themselves.

  7. Laschenova went so far as conceiving an anchor baby at a ripe ole age to help her case. Hope it helps her out.