Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Holding An Edge

"With one look..." the tribute to Brenda Kerrigan. But wait, Brenda didn't have any looks...she's blind! The confounding nature of the lyrics and the dedication didn't hinder Nancy and Mary from being sexy as hell. How many trademark Nancy moves did you catch during this program? As usual, Nancy did the feet together leaning to one side and then the other with a fabulous sweeping of the arm.

As usual, holding an edge and wearing a Vera Wang dress made Nancy 5.9 worthy (even when only cleanly landing a double axel and a triple toe.) Bonus points for Babs.

For an added bonus, Nancy couldn't keep her mouth shut in the Kiss and Cry and bitched at Mary for making her do a show program that was only two weeks old. Nancy is always the champ in my heart!


  1. Dave, your Nancy posts are the best. I love the half jump into a crouch @ 4:34. That's MY favorite Nancy move.

    Tara loved me more than Nancy loved that cross-eyed bitch. I was always jealous of the love showered on Blind Bitch Brenda by the TV networks. Freaking Massachusetts TV whores.

    You BFF Pat Lipinski

  2. @Pat "I love the half jump into a crouch @ 4:34. That's MY favorite Nancy move."

    That's my favourite bit too. I especially love it when she reaches her arms out afterwards.

  3. Dear Pat:

    TL; DR.

    Danny Kwan