Thursday, September 30, 2010

Romanian Tri-Meet Domination

The Romanians kicked a little ass in Switzerland last weekend. They are beginning to look like a team that will slowly but surely find themselves in medal contention at Worlds. Let the others make mistakes. These bitches look like they'll know how to hit.

Diana Chelaru: UB, BB, FX
Gabriela Dragoi: UB, BB
Raluca Haidu: UB, BB, FX
Sandra Izbasa: VT, BB, FX
Cerasela Petrascu: UB, FX
Ana Porgras: VT, UB, BB, FX

Oksana Chusovitina: VT1, VT2, BB
Ariella Kaslin: VT, UB, BB


  1. They always sneak their way onto podiums, don't they. Ana Porgras is wonderful. Just needs to upgrade vault, maybe floor. The rest of the team is blah, but not bad.

  2. I hope Porgras wins beam at Worlds! Or at least medals.

  3. I complete agree with Anon @ 6:50. The team looks completely boring with exception to Ana Porgras. The UB still looks so sloppy from Team Romania. But if teams fuck up at worlds and Romania remains consistent, they will sadly sneak to the podium. I hate Belu & Bitang gymnastics!