Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This and That

Cassie Whitcomb told Gymnastike how amazing the first selection camp was...as though she'd ever say that everyone secretly wanted to cut one another. It looks like the video MLT posted of her floor routine is more recent than flip video said.

The Shibutanis debuted their new free dance at Nebelhorn and defeated many top teams to finish second in that portion of the competition. It shows that their prospects are much better than the internet buzz on them was saying this summer. One would've thought that Maia belonged on "The Little Couple" or in a touring production of the Wizard of Oz.

Cappellini and Lanotte's winning short dance.

The Persian Prince's free skate.

Anna Pavlova won the AA at the International Dinamo tournament with a 14.8 on vault and a 14.870 on beam. It remains to be seen how big of a mistake it will be leaving her off the world team.

The Romanian women dominated their tri-meet this past weekend. Ana Porgras had another AA-winning competition and was joined on the AA rostrum with Raluca "Pitic" Haidu and Diana Chelaru. Belu mentioned being most impressed with Porgras, Chelaru and Izbasa. While he didn't laud Pitic's performance, her second place finish should put her among the competing members of the World Team.

Q Notes wrote a column questioning the choice of Johnny Weir as the recipient for the HRC Visibility Award.

Johnny at the High Heel-A-Thon:

Cal announced that it will be droppings its men's and women's gymnastics team at the end of this season.

Pechalat and Bourzat's winning Free Dance from Nebelhorn:


  1. I wonder if it's just doubts about how Pavlova's knee will hold up that's keeping her off the team. It's majorly strapped up still, which suggests she's still not comfortable with it, and she seems to have issues with her performance falling off quite considerably later on in competitions. She totally bombed the EFs at the Dynamo Cup.

  2. I noticed Cassie was not on the nominative Worlds roster posted on IG, but the oh-so-crappy Caquatto and Hunter are. Hope things change by Oct. 6 - I want her on the team. Not sure I understand Martha's refusal to place on her past international teams.

  3. Couch Gymnast and IG posted the nominative rosters on their sites.

  4. OMG, I love the Italians' SD! I think the SD format has such potential. It was so fun to see the Golden Waltz performed to different music. Shades of the OSP format. The Americans' FD, on the other hand, brought back terrible memories of the '93 to '96 era of free dances. All ballroom and latin, sigh.

  5. The Persian Prince's (soooo much easier than googling how to spell his name) hands bother me. Are his wrists always that flexed, or was it part of the choreography? He had some pretty interesting moments, especially in that first combo spin.

    And I was set to HATE Cappellini and Lanotte's dance when I saw her costume, but it was fun and cute. I did hate the music edit, though.

    Every time I see "Shibutani," I think of Shiba Inus, which makes me think of puppies.

  6. Loving the 'The Persian Prince's" performance and program.

    Not surprised Shibutanis did so well with that skate and program. I don't even like that type of ballroom program but this was pretty lovely. Good for them.

  7. Awww... That's sad about Cal. Apparently they're also eliminating men's rugby which means their development pipeline for gay men under 5'5" (hello, Graham Ackerman!) and bears becomes significantly diminished. I live right up the Bay Bridge from them and never got to see a meet. Oh, well.

  8. Oh, that poor QNotes writer. The usual gang of angry, defensive fans will be all over that pour soul, with accusations of homophobia, stupidity, whatever.

  9. The Shibs challened the Fred Astaire/ Ginger Rogers theme beautifully. love the homage to Tan and Ben in the final lift. These two have more polish than Davis and White despite thier age. Look out Sochi!!!

  10. Yep,if I were Davis/White I'd be worried about the fantastic young Shibutani's too. Wow!