Friday, September 3, 2010

Taking Center Stage

Venus looks to have bought herself a bedazzler since Wimbledon.

Even Serena looking positively feminine could not outshine the sparkly madness!


  1. My God, Serena is so stunning! I love it!

  2. There are rumors going on that serina isn't realy injured but had some work done on her face.

  3. I've heard that rumor too but I mean wouldn't her nose and face still be swollen if she'd had something done? Is almost three months enough time to heal?

    I think Serena just finally has a makeup artist who knows how to contour, and do a damn fine job at it. Not to mention she's finally got a stylist and a better weave. Either way she looks gorgeous.

    And Venus' dress is just ridiculous the way it rides up to her waist when she's running around out on court. Why did she think this was a good idea?

  4. Kim Clijster's confirmed how bad Serena's injury is. Also Serena had no work done...she's just taking make up tips from her good friend Kim Kardashian. It's really enhances things in a good way. I'm happy for her. I get tired of hearing a certain people talking bad about Serena's looks.