Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shall We Dance...On Ice

Rehearsal photos were posted on Disson's facebook page. It kills me to even visit their facebook page, but there hasn't been much info posted about the show. Given that it is a Disson show, I'm impressed to see that they're actually rehearing the opening and closing numbers. Sadly, I am unaware who the Disson sponsors will be this year. I eagerly await Sasha Cohen adding jam to her smoothies and allowing herself to eat apple sauce on national television.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (Voir) will perform their new short dance. That could mean that Marlie would perform their short dance, but it is brand new after changing it post champs camp. That said, Marina and Igor did invite the public to watch the new dances at their rink last Friday.

Hopefully some loyal Canadian skating fans will post videos. They are not AS crazed and reliable as those tech-savvy Asians, but they are addicted to all things ice. Let's pray that they come through for us!

This show will also show whether or not Belgosto have retired The Letter (aka Bleeding Love) for good. If I have to see that program one more freakin time... Tanith tweeted a photo of Ben working on choreography off ice, so there is hope!

Kurt Browning and Shae-Lynn are supposedly going to perform a dance together. Sadly, it does not appear that Shae and John Zimmerman will be melting the ice together. We can still remember and fantasize about that one-time-only pairing.

Sadly, since it is a Disson show, most of the performances will be shamelessly slapped together as a B-Roll for the featured singer. I have hope that we will see one legit number from each couple.

Some videos of skaters mingling backstage have been posted on Disson's facebook page. It would clearly kill them to even show them all skating in a freakin circle. This event kicks off the ice dance season and frankly, I feel like I am in heat.

Please post any and all links/vids in the comments.

Shall We Dance will air November 7, from 4-6 PM on NBC.