Monday, September 13, 2010

This and That

Yang Yilin was set to win bars in Ghent until she 'Chinesed' the dismount like good ol' Yang Bo or Mo Huilan. Yang Yilin also had a strong beam routine.

Wu Liufang was able to capitalize on Yang Yilin's mistake. Later, she just missed a foot on beam.

Ana Porgras must be one of my favorite gymnasts on beam lately. Her style and confidence is so refreshing. I only hope that Bitang doesn't beat the style out of her. Some choreography has already gone missing, but the leaps look even better than they did a year ago.

Sandra Izbasa looks pretty good on floor as she is now getting down with her bad Jewish self.

Diana Chelaru also looks solid, which means that Team Romania should do well at Worlds. This is reminiscent of the '90s when Belu would tell us how shitty the team was right before they captured another World Title. It is unlikely that they'll pull off gold with their bar routines, but they are looking solid.

All That Skate LA will be broadcast Live on Korean SBS. We will be able to catch an internet stream. NBC will also be broadcasting the event on October 10th. We will all have to set our DVRs and watch it, so it gets a good rating. It is certainly going to be better than that Disson/Star Skates shit.

The MKForum translated a Korean magazine article about Michelle Kwan and all of her wonderfulness.

Today marked the first day of mandatory practice for our NCAA gymnasts. UGA's returning gymnasts are said to be healthy, but freshman Cat Hires has a broken foot. Jay Clark had the team take time off over the summer in order to get healthy. He has coached broken teams before, so we will have to wait and see if he made the right call. The Gym Dogs are years removed from being the powerhouse they were under Suzanne Yoculan. Even under a best case scenario, this year's incoming freshmen will leave them quite short of a winning team total. Jay is saying that the team will have many more pressure situations in training this season. It makes one wonder if the training has changed significantly from Yoculan's tenure when they had two full intrasquads a week and did team assignments on the events.

Christina Gao spoke to Lifeskate about her upcoming season. She left for the JGP Austria today.

Lifeskate caught up with Lucinda Ruh.

Ksenia Makarova dominated Mid Atlantics and spoke to Lynn Rutherford about her training and plans for this season.

The Human Rights Council is giving Johnny Weir an award for all of his brave work showing up at cocktail parties to fundraise while remaining the flamiest closeted celeb since Liberace.

Photos from Nikolai Morozov's training camp in Latvia.

Gymnastike interviewed KJC about America's rise in gymnastics.


  1. Yang Yilin just always runs out of gas on bars.

  2. Run out of gas? Yang Yilin either lost her nerve or wanted to break the hearts of some gay Chinese boys back home who adore her.

  3. Love those photos of Michelle in the magazine article link!!!

  4. Porgras is skilled but I wish the Romanians would move on from the 70's era of perform a skill-stick your butt out and pose; over and over again.

  5. So sensible of the Chinese to water down Wu Liufang's routine. The international judges hated it before and this is the best score she's had all year. It would make a lot of sense for her to continue with this skill selection at worlds.