Sunday, September 5, 2010

History Lesson: A Little German Drama

The 1994 Europeans decided the German Olympic Team. It was all about Tanja, Katarina and Marina. Ms. Marina felt that it was pathetic that Ms. Witt finished "second in her own Nationals" even though she clearly beat her own sorry ass.

And how good was Marina Kielmann? NBC didn't even show either program of the two-time Olympian.

As usual, the attention was all on Ms. Witt (who treated us to a partially see-through dress.) With this program, Katarina's breasts ended the war in Bosnia.


  1. I remember Marina Kielmann having god-awful programs - Some hoedown thing, and an LP to the score of Gone With the Wind comes to mind. It was ABC not including Denise Biellmann that used to piss me off - Maybe because she was a better free skater than the American girls?

  2. They certainly showed Denise in '80. I always found her artistry rather mehh.

  3. Anonymous, you are thinking of Claudia Leistner in Calgary 88. Marina Kiellmann in 88 skated to Carmen. Leistner had about 10 cheesy music cuts to American music. It was just awful.

    Claudia Leistner though did have the best camel fall in her SP there, she still kept spinning around. Very funny.

  4. There are many great programs from the past but a nice amount of really bads ones that wouldn't win any contest today like Tanya S's short program. Yuck.