Monday, September 6, 2010

This and That

Two years removed from the Olympics, the American juniors are beginning to make their move on upcoming spots on the World and Olympic team. Four years ago, Shawn Johnson and Sam Peszek bolstered their reputations with success at a Post-Nationals Pan Am meet. (Senior or Junior, it doesn't matter. The Americans always competed against themselves at this meet...for better or worse.)

McKayla Maroney delivered a second win on floor exercise, where she was ranked first in qualifying.

Kyla Ross finished second.

Sabrina Vega delivered gold on beam with Sarah Finnegan claiming bronze.

I figured that Charlotte Mackie would follow Gael to Utah, but she looks positively ready for Bama.

Elsa Garcia made us wish she went NCAA.

Leah Keiser won the junior title at Golden West with a six-triple program that included two lutzes and a flip. Courtney Hicks and Vanessa Lam were also impressive.


  1. alabama should avoid mackie. the uniform cost would kill the program. poor thing i think she is a champion for sticking with it.

  2. Someone had a growth spurt...was Mackie hurt or something earlier this year that made her gain weight?

  3. Loving the fact that the US got new comp leos. Even though one of them is still pink at least they are all new.

  4. Mackie had quite a few wobbles and a very low dismount, but she did a great leg-up turn, and I like her one-armed onodi.

  5. All I can say about C Mackie is....oh my. Poor thing is huge. Get her to CGA immediately. MLT will get her thin then break her.

  6. If there were ever two gymnasts who should have just gotten faked passports i was Charlotte Mackie and Peng Peng Lee. They were both fantastic juniors when they were 12 and 13, that was obviously their peak. I haven't even heard about Peng Peng in ages, I guess she retired.

  7. Mckayla's tumbling looks great (serious), but wtf with the name?

    She's "Mike" to me now.

  8. Has anyone found video of Jessica Lopez on bars? If so, please pass on the link. Thanks!