Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This and That

Evgenia Kanaeva lost the rope final to teammate Daria Kondakova at Rhythmic Worlds but came back to swap places with her in the hoop final. Irina Viner was shocked by the mistake but says that Kanaeva should be unbeatable in the other finals.

Felicia Zhang and Taylor Toth were just named to the field for Skate America. Felicia was always assigned to JGP Germany. Taylor has been on three antibiotics in the past few weeks, but he is feeling better as he heads into Nebelhorn this weekend.

Sadly, Brooke Burke was not voted of Dancing With The Stars. David Hasselhoff and Kym Johnson left this week. The producers sure showed her to never try to ask for more money again! She missed season 10 and now was given a notorious drunk.

Savchenko and Szolkowy held a press conference in Germany to discuss their competitive plans.

Diego Hypolito is out of Worlds with an ankle injury.

IG posted a video with Jessica Savona.

Johnny Weir tweeted that he'll be running in Kelly Ripa's high-heel-a-thon tomorrow morning.
Lord knows he has a lot of experience.

Alissa Czisny told World Figure Skating that she hopes to be better than ever before. Not like we've ever heard her say THAT before... I guess it's good to dream? Props to her for using Rene Roca as a choreographer.

Denney and Barrett have high hopes for the upcoming season.
Paul Hamm still wants to check out other training centers, but says that Andrei Kan knows how to kick his ass into gear.

The Grand Prix is returning to Universal Sports and NBC. The schedule was announced today.


  1. Kelly Ripa's high-heel-a-thon? WTF?!?!? Is there ANYTHING Johnny Weir won't do to draw attention to himself, get in the news, and get around celebrities??? Hey, if you're not gonna skate anymore, GET A FREAKIN' JOB ALREADY, JOHNNY! Your famewhoring is going from the ridiculous to the deranged now!

  2. Well, isn't the event a fundraiser for charity?

  3. ROTFLMAO! Yeah, Aunt Joyce, he's hoping the celebrities he can meet there will 'charitably' hook him up to other opportunities that'll blast a bigger spotlight on him.

  4. Brooke Burke needs more friggin clothes.

    I don't like Denney and Barrett's skating but I admire their drive.

    I like the more relaxed attitude of Savchenko & Szolkowy.

    Alissa should just skate first before talking about how much better her technique will be. Why put those expectations on yourself. Just go skate.

    I don't even know what to say about Johnny anymore, but at least he's still skating in some form.

  5. Is Irina Viner still coaching a million girls representing other countries other than Russia even though they are Russian? And why does the US suck at Rhythmic? I don't even care because I don't understand any of the rules.

  6. *laughing* Oh, Johnny. What are we going to do with you?

  7. Enjoying him, Laura, enjoying him.

    @anon 9:17 in Johnny´s own words (while he talked about FS, I think, his words translate to RL as well)

    "I think figure skating fans and federations and people involved in the sport in general want these perfect little packages. They want it gift-wrapped. They want a pretty little girl to pop out and be able to do everything. Win all the gold medals and retire -- and God only knows where she goes after that. That's what they want. But I'm a real person. I have real friends. I do real things."

    It sucks that he is not going to simply go away, doesn´t it?
    It sucks that he has not taken on the life of a wall flower and/or just pipes up when being asked.
    It sucks that he doesn´t lead the life some people expect him to lead, doesn´t it?

    I would say to Johnny: You go girl!

  8. I don't want to hear anything that Alissa has to say anymore. Just put it on the ice...or not.

    Johnny...I don't really listen to him anymore either. Since he's not skating I don't know how long his 15 minutes will last.

    Love S/S

    Denney and Barrett... nice people but I don't find them interesting on ice.

  9. It sucks that he wasn't shown or even mentioned on Live with Regis and Kelly today, anon 2:09. Kelly Ripa didn't breathe his name once throughout the whole heel-a-thon. But, Misfit Mimes, non-affiliated, non-connected 'just a fan' that she is, has come through yet again with first time announced insider information that the portion with the male runners will be broadcast on tomorrow's show.

    Kelly Ripa could've at least mentioned him, cut to the men for a moment, or spoken about him being on tomorrow. What a rip-off.

  10. "Johnny...I don't really listen to him anymore either."

    I´m sure he will cry his eyes out yet.

  11. "Johnny...I don't really listen to him anymore either."

    "I'm sure he will cry his eyes out yet."

    You bet he'll cry his eyes out if enough people stop listening like that person! He needs all the listeners he can get while he's trying to be famous outside skating. That's why he's out running races in women's high heels: to be noticed by potential new 'listeners'.

  12. It is nice to see Jessica Savona being profiled. It is nice to see International gymnast magazine is not afraid to profile those also rans with the challened body types.

  13. I wonder if Johnny even cares if he wasn't mentioned? He probably had his film crew for BGJW there and just did it for the fun of it. Cuz you know that he thought it was the most fun ever. He is soooo funny to me for some reason

  14. Alissa is still delusional and a Covidiot too