Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This and That

Read a translated article about everyone's favorite new Russian diva, Viktoria Komova. Hailed as the new Khorkina, Vika has her eyes on only one medal: gold. The article has an impressive photo gallery of Vika through the years.

Anna Li flipped across the White House lawn yesterday.

Yu-Na Kim has been training alone at the East-West Ice Palace and hopes to announce a new full-time coach in October. She reportedly has all of her jumps back, is back in fighting shape again (thin and win) and is rocking her triple lutz+triple toe. Her new long program to Arirang got the thumbs up from the source who has seen it.

This week's JGP Austria will be live streamed. Dates and Times.

Laura Wilkinson is thinking about 2012.

Christina Gao talked to FSOnline about her breakthrough season.

Rachel Spicer verbally committed to the University of Florida. This is yet another huge get for Rhonda, the current HBIC of recruiting, and definitely 'one that got away' for every other program. Spicer is enormously talented, consistent on all events and rarely makes major mistakes. Spicer may begin as early as January 2012. They certainly have a few gymnasts she could be replacing.

Kaylan Earls is reportedly the only worthwhile UGA freshman thus far (as expected.) It has been a while since UGA has had a solid VT and FX anchor. Warning, the video on georgiadogs.com has given me the Mac wheel of death. Shayla is looking old and haggish. She is looking like some drinking lines are developing around her mouth. Too much fun in Australia? Tanella is looking peppier and more cherubish than last year. She looks like she could be even more sluggish than last season. Gina Nuccio is not injured...yet. G0 Kat Ding. I love you. It looks like we're going to be seeing a lot of Noel Couch this season and that is not a comforting thought for anyone.

Bridget Sloan, Aly Raisman and Morgan Smith remain the big recruits up for grabs. We'll have to wait and see how many Rhonda nabs. These gymnasts are always insecure and want to go to the 'good school.' UF is where it is at right now in the SEC.

Rafael Nadal was positively adorable and charming on Regis and Kelly this morning.


  1. Does Yu-Na even need a coach if she's allegedly doing so well by herself?

  2. She needs a coach eventually. Coaches are needed. Eventually, she will start doing slight bad habits that a coach would catch, or she will work on improving her spins, etc.

  3. Yeah, everyone needs a coach. It's hard to go it alone. Shayla DOES look like a hag. Damn girl...

  4. What I wouldn't give to be able to do back handsprings so effortlessly on cement like that! I'm so jealous

  5. Was Anna a little underdressed for meeting the president?!

  6. Is Nadal the only tennis player you like. So many greats ones to love.

  7. Oh my goodness what a gem from Regis and Kelly. Love it and LOVE Nadal.

  8. Oh that Nadal clip makes me giggle.

  9. How could you not love Nadal. He is awesome. Very much a gentleman and so hot he sets the court on fire.