Sunday, September 19, 2010

Romanian Nationals

Ioana watched the Romanian Nationals and has been paying close attention to the news coverage. She sent to above photo of Bitang looking hissy and sent the following tidbits. Please give props to our favorite Romanian Immigrant since Nadia herself.

Belu before the meet:

"The goal is for the girls to go through this phase as well as possible, without any health problems showing up and to show their readiness [level]. Up until Worlds, execution and accuracy will be emphasized, this meaning as few tenths as possible that the judges could deduct from the score, with any meet being important in order to improve these things.”

While the gymnasts were stretching BItang started admonishing the gym staff when they were prepping the apparatus. “Use the hair drier, not dry rags! Everything needs to be all set!”Bellu stayed calm throughout the competition, even encouraging Porgras after her fall on UB.

Bitang, on the other hand, lost her patience and went to some of the gymnasts that were warming up on the side lines. “Wake up, wake up! So many people came to the gym and we cannot make fools of ourselves!” In the end, the most positive aspect both coaches pointed out was that the girls recovered from their injuries, but the hard part only begins now.

“Not all gymnasts presented their entire skill repertoire. We have to introduce a few vaults and even harder tumbling runs on FX. There’s a lot, a lot more work to be done.”

Belu was remarkably restrained. “I don’t know these girls and I don’t know their potential to improve yet.”

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