Saturday, December 25, 2010

TV Reminder

See the oldie but goodies on NBC at 4 PM EST!


  1. i haven't enjoyed an "exhibition" show this much in over 5 years. it was fantastic! i wish more professional shows could reach this quality.

  2. This show was a snooze fest!

  3. I enjoyed this FAR more than other Disson productions.
    They figured out that two visually competitive events (music on stage, performance on ice) isn't always the correct m.o.
    Oh, wait- Boitano's fest is on tomorrow (back to the Disson formula).

    RE: Caesars" why didn't they have an actual pair of pairs perform? (rather than the 2-3 snippets, which ALSO rolled ice dance into the pairs category- a no no!)- instead, they had Wylie/Kerrigan perform together.

    Nancy K. actually looked like she was happy to be on ice- unusual!
    Boitano and Mr. Debonair was fun- and it was interesting to see his older style (back at 45 deg angle to ice) compared to Boitano (even taking age into account)

  4. I loved seeing Nancy and Paul do that number again. I always love when they do it!