Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SWTS: Three Times Is NOT The Charm

Skating With The Stars continued its embarrassing run on network television this week.  This is a show that clearly could've used some tweaking afters its pilot.  It is as though we the viewers are watching a show being tweaked before it hits the airwaves.

First Major Issue: There was no reason for this show to be 90 minutes.  Me thinks the advertising was sold in advance (like during the first season of Survivor) because there is no way some of these countries would be wasting their dollars on this shame-based programming.  This show needed to be squeezed into an hour.  Thank goodness I watch this show on TiVo, as my ADD and self-worth would never allow me to waste an entire 90 minutes.

The host continues to be a complete wet blanket.  If ABC wanted another hit, Tom Bergeron should've been paid another million or two to walk across the hall at the end of DWTS and deal with these hot messes.

The most memorable aspect of this episode is that the producers created a situation where Brandon Mychal Smith might or might not make it in back in time to perform.  Brandon has food poisoning.  Forcing him to skate could've created one of the most memorable moments in television history.  Instead, we got to learn exactly why Keauna McLaughlin does not have the internal makeup for international competition.  While Brooke Castile was skating with a badly cut hand, Keauna was bawling over her partner on a low-rated reality program having food poisoning.  Keauna recently tweeted that missing the Olympics was the hardest moment of her life.  I thought that watching that inevitable result happen was tough to watch last season, but this is proving to be so much worse.  Keauna's bawling interviews take the cake.

One of the most 'amazing' moment happened when Laurie Ann described herself as an expert over Dick Button.  I get nervous when anyone challenges Dick in anything.  Let's not forget that he was Novice National Champion in Ice Dance!

In the words of Margaret Thatcher, "Johnny Weir has no business criticizing anyone for quitting."  This is a man with a mullet who pulled out of Grant Prix events, faked being hurt at Nationals, left out jumping passes, refused to compete at Four Continents and refused to go to Worlds.

Johnny Weir also created another cringe-worthy moment with Bethenny Frankel where he said that the judges were trying to help her and blah blah blah.  It was a direct response to tweets by Ethan Burgess saying that Johnny shouldn't judge Bethenny given his close relationship with Jill Zarin.  It wasn't so much what Johnny and Laurie Ann said to Bethenny, as the tone they treated her with as opposed to other contestants with inferior performances.  Bethenny was patronized with the tone one speaks to their dog after it pees on the floor.

What is great about Bethenny, is that you can tell she loves skating but wants absolutely no part in this program.  I thought Carrie Ann Inaba's evil smith to Maks on Dancing With The Stars might me the juiciest moment on television.  I was wrong.  I cannot stop watching the moment where Laurie Ann Gibson, sporting a new weave, told Bethenny that it was a nice touch that she skated to her favorite song.  Bethenny's facial reaction was priceless.  I can't wait for Bethenny to be voted off the show, so that she can start giving interviews about what she really thinks of Laurie Ann and Johnny.  The judging duo spend countless hours on their manes and gaudy outfits and then espouse about their professional expertise.  Bethenny has already said that she'd like to shove a skate up Laurie Ann's ass.  If that was an appetizer of what's to come, count me in for the main course.

I swear that Bethenny actually told Vince Neil that she wished that she were going home instead when he was voted off.  Vince is an absolutely horrendous skater.  Vince looks like he leaves the bar in just enough time to skate around the rink like a hung-over father of the year during Christmas Break.  "Honey, spend some time with your kids for once.  Learn their names!"  Bethenny is not a good skater.  She looks a bit better in the clips at the rink, but she stiffens up considerably when it is time to perform.  This makes her stiff and wobbly.  She needs to relax the knees and learn to relax.  That said, she is better than Sean Young and Vince Neil.  If it goes by skating, Bethenny should leave next week.  I don't think she'd be too broken up about it.

It is amazing how awful Vince is, yet Laurie Ann and Johnny gush over how "amazing!" he is.  "A rock star, on the ICE!"  Melissa Gregory also echos this praise when she repeats what the judges say during her weekly youtube critique (only with added enthusiasm!)  Laurie Ann seems jealous of whichever blonde groupie Vince Neil married.  I love how Johnny acted liked Vince's kiddie group lesson for the cameras was serious work.  Laurie Ann and Johnny apply their weaves and drag makeup with Tara Modlin prior to each broadcast.

Quote of the Day: "I'm the TSA of figure skating and I see the talent in you!"~ Dick Button

Rebecca Budig is clearly the best skater on the show, but there is a Brooke Burke quality about her that just makes you want to hate her.  For having the cutest partner, it is amazing how little anyone actually cares about them.

Brooke Castile is clearly the best performer of the pros on the show.  Yet, she is also the most intriguing to watch.  Simply, Brooke Castile is a delightfully fierce girl from Michigan.  Her chemistry with Jonny Moseley is delightful to watch during their weekly packages.  We can only hope that a good affair comes from this.  In terms of his skating, he is one of the best and his number was actually choreographically interesting.  He is clearly performing more than any of the other "stars."  If he can skate with posture that is slightly better than Miki Ando's, he should win the show in a landslide.

The best thing to come out of this program remains the telegenic Tanith Belbin.  For two weeks, she's been the best interviewer out of anyone on DWTS or SWTS.  Tanith doesn't merely echo what the judges say like a mindless idiot (thankyouverymuch Brooke Burke) and she has a good rapport with the stars.  Tanith's performance with Ben was the highlight of the show, although her hair was really looking orange when she was speaking during the package.  Tanith tweeted about how she keeps leaning forward when she talks to the camera.  It is true, but her natural talent is obvious.  Other gigs are already being presented to IMG and she won't have to suffer the embarrassment of this show much longer.

In the words of Brian Boitano, the show is uncomfortable.


  1. I agree that Tanith is good, but she needs some public speaking lessons or something. She states questions rather than asking them. She needs to learn about stress and intonation.

    The co-host is so horrid. The accent sounds almost fake. And his lips look worse than Lisa Rinna's. What's up with that?

    I thought Johnny's most cringe-worthy moment was when he was telling Bethenny that she should respect judges because they're professionals and only trying to help her. Pot. Kettle. Black? Since he pinned his lack of gold medals on judges just not understanding him or appreciating his style, I found it galling he'd tell someone to respect judges more.

    That said, Bethenny had some lovely moments - mostly when her feet weren't touching the ice. (Did her feet even leave the ice on that single toe loop?) Skating apart from her partner, she looked like Frankenstein or a mummy in Jennifer Robinson's infamous wedding dress costume. Her catch-foot spiral was about as good as Miki Ando's though ;-)

    Who is this "famous choreographer"? She looks and sounds like Neicy Nash after liposuction. She was annoying and clueless.

    I think Neicy clone and Johnyy were just being nice to Vince because it's too hard to be mean to him. Sadly, I think he really did give that performance his all. Even Tanith gushed about the great height on his waltz jump. I LOL'd at that.

    For me, the best part of the show is senile, pervy Dick Button. The show was probably 90 minutes long because producers knew he would stutter for two minutes trying to find some batshit crazy metaphor with every critique. LOVE HIM.

    Also, LOVE Rebecca Budig and hope she wins. Where did her partner come from? He is cute.

  2. I've never pretended to be unbiased,

  3. Why no comments on your great friend Bethenny horrendous skating skills?

  4. My great friend Bethenny? I'd love to be friends with her, but sadly do not know her. I don't think she is a good skater, but she is better than Vince and Sean Young.

  5. "She wants no part in this program?"

    Why did she agree to be on that program then?

  6. The program had potential when she signed on. The show is embarrassing, getting poor ratings and pretty much a waste of her time at this point. She will only be on for another week or two and it is a drain on her life.

    Had the show been a smash hit, things would be different for Bethenny. The chemistry of the show is weird and Bethenny is bright enough and experienced enough with Reality TV and business to know that this show is simply awkward and not working. She knows the ratings and it doesn't take a genius to realize that the show is sinking.

    Bethenny's reaction during her interview with Tanith was very telling. There was all sorts of nonverbal communication going on.

    I don't think it is a Bethenny vs Johnny situation like Ethan tried to portray it as. The show was slapped together and everyone needed more time and rehearsal: skaters, judges, producers, hosts, etc. It has the distinct feel of a temporary mid-season replacement, which is what is very much is.

  7. Recent WSJ article on Bethenny's success in business:

  8. I don't really like Johnny anymore. The things he says now a days like that comment to Bethenny. I'm not even a Bethenny fan but I'm sure she's no longer a fan of his either.

  9. So I take it you LIKE this show? Haha. You've criticized pretty much every single aspect of it, but you do seem interested enough to watch Bethenney's journey on it. In fact, the ONLY person on the entire show you do not try to make look bad is Bethenney. What is so appealing about her again?

    "It was a direct response to tweets by Ethan Burgess saying that Johnny shouldn't judge Bethenny given his close relationship with Jill Zarin."

    Ethan did NOT make that tweet. He was simply retweeting a FAN tweet that Bethenney had replied to. Ethan has been classy during this stupid Bethenney/Johnny Weir thing.

    Keauna wasn't "bawling over the Disney kid's food poisoning". She wasn't even crying. In fact, she flat out said she wished she was the sick one because she would have went for it and skated. So there is some fierceness in that kid somewhere.

    Maybe she was teary eyed because the producers created the awkward situation of "will Brandon show up in time or won't he?" even through everyone already knew he wasn't coming. Keauna doesn't have acting skills, so she probably felt uncomfortable doing that stupid rinkside interview. Then they had her a stand there alone as Johnny Weir lectured about how you should skate through anything and how he was going to give low scores because of it...It was an awkward situation and Keauna was obviously bummed they didn't get to skate their routine and get scores more in line with their ability. Please, this show has nothing to do with Intl competition.

    Speaking of competition, what does Johnny Weir judging on this reality show have to do with his "leaving out jumping passes and faking injury" in competition? First of all, only HE knows about the extent of his injuries. And leaving out jumping passes can happen for a number of reasons. I love how you infer he was a quitter himself over comments he makes on this stinkin' reality show.

    Considering you seem to acknowledge this show is NOT meant to be taken seriously, it's odd that you use it to judge people. At least skaters actually seem to CARE about their performances. It's a lot better than not caring. Vince Neil may stink, but he had 6 weeks to learn stuff that takes normal people years, and Jennifer did a GREAT job with him considering he is a seemingly drunk old guy.

  10. I wrote in my review last week that I thought Johnny and Laurie Ann seemed overly negative with Bethenny, while gushing about a skater that performed even worse (Vince). I didn't watch this week (and the 0.9 rating for 18-49 year-olds suggests hardly anyone else did either), but it sounds like there was more of the same.

    I just replied to a Formspring question on this topic and once again here we see more people bashing Bethenny. I don't know what happened backstage with Johnny after the show last week, but I do know that Johnny is 26 and quite capable of dealing with issues himself without bunches of other people blowing it up into something much more dramatic every time.

  11. This is only embarrassing for Bethenney because she is stiff and sucks at skating. Still, she seems to be having fun, and I think the fact that she's so angry at the judges (and she was angry at herself for messing up yesterday) means she DOES care. She just says she doesn't care to ease the embarrassment she feels. With that said, I agree that Johnny Weir's condescending "we're here to help you" speech was ridiculous and just him on a power trip.

    Let's not act like Bethenney has so many other important things going on in her life. She is a reality TV whore.

  12. Does anyone understand Twitter? Ethan was RETWEETING a treat addressed to Bethenney about Weir. Ethan hasn't added any fuel to the Bethenney vs Johnny fire.

  13. I know this show needs a lot of ironing out, but why is 5 million viewers considered bad ratings during holiday season? The networks are too critical of themselves.

  14. The 0.8 rating (I previously said 0.9) came from 18-49 year old viewership, and that's where the numbers count to most to networks.

    Compare that to these numbers from Monday night: 90210 (1.1), Gossip Girl (1.0)-- those are two of the LEAST-watched shows on network television. The winner that night was Two and a Half Men, which had a 4.2.

    Skating With the Stars finished dead last in the all-important 18-49 viewership, even if the overall viewership (3.9 million, not 5) was slightly better.

  15. "I just replied to a Formspring question on this topic and once again here we see more people bashing Bethenny. I don't know what happened backstage with Johnny after the show last week, but I do know that Johnny is 26 and quite capable of dealing with issues himself without bunches of other people blowing it up into something much more dramatic every time. "

    Well, Tony, there is a lot of bashing going on. Mrs. Frankel gets bashed and Mr. Weir as well. They are on par when it comes to that. Dave himself does a very good job on bashing too.

    Dave: Very interesting link on Mrs. Frankel, you have posted. It´s actually scaring. The word you love so much comes to mind. Media whore. Different stars actually shelter their children and their family life, Mrs. Frankel sells her daughter and her family life...and complains, nevertheless.
    Does she actually have something she doesn´t sell, something that is completely her own?

  16. This show would be better with a better set, a better host, better judges, celebrities who have better skating ability, and more time to iron out the uncomfortable kinks. The skaters themselves have done a great job. I was impressed a couple of the contestants tried single flips, and the lifts in general have been pretty decent. I admit I watched the performances of the top three couples over again on my DVR.

    Dick and Johnny seem to be getting a little more comfortable as judges. Laurieann Know-Nothing still is clueless.

    lol, Keauna was crying because she wanted to actually skate and she pretty much called the Disney kid a wimp for not giving it a try. I loved her response. She's hard core.

  17. I haven't seen at all where Johnny or any of the judges have been particularly harsh towards Bethenny. She is the one who started the negativity. She has been unable to accept any kind of constructive criticism from day one and thought she was better than she clearly was. Drama can be good but not the kind that ends up making you look like a total fool. If she was embarrassed or felt talked down to after the judges comments on Monday then it was her own fault. She has provoked this and had no right to say they were "ripping" her.

  18. Some of this is just plain rude, arrogant, and off base.

    This show would be doing better if skating was simple for a beginner to pick up. It's foolish to believe many people have the talent, athletic ability, and coordination to learn much skating in only a few weeks. It's just like if there was a Diving or Gymnastics with the Stars-- The Stars wouldn't be able to do shitt after 6 weeks. What we are seeing isn't real skating, so not all of the routines have been good. Some are good considering the skating level of the contestants, but others like Bethenney are just awkward.

  19. Most of the time I tolerate Johnny Weir... at best. I know nothing about Bethany Frankel. After watching the show and reading some of the press I will say IT'S ALL BETHANY'S FAULT. She is coming off extremely badly here and Johnny has looked like the bigger, classier person. He had every right to defend what he and the judges are trying to do. He didn't do anything to deserve her attitude or what her team is trying to accuse.

  20. Didn't Johnny say he felt sick skaters and performers should skate, not injured ones? Clearly he said sick and not injured as there is a difference. Sure he has pulled out with injuries but we've all seen him and many other skaters perform and compete in between pukes and with flus and high fevers. His job is to be the touch "Simon Cowell" of judges who encourages the "stars" to not just talk the talk but walk the walk. His comments and this show have nothing to do with him crashing into a wall, practically splitting in half in a fall a few seconds later and skipping jumping passes for fuck's sake.

  21. Why are you siding with a talentless reality show media whore? It's fine to support her, but to completely bash Johnny to prop her up and make her seem like some victim is strange. It may be funny for her to say she'll shove her skate up a judge's ass, but if the contestants won't even listen to the judges (although nobody should listen to Laurieann), the viewers won't either. The only skater about which you can truly muster up anything nice to say is Tanith.

  22. Clearly this show is a ratings bust and is not going to be renewed. However I don't think it's anywhere near the trainwreck and nightmare that some reviewers are trying to paint it out to be. It was a good effort and I respect that ABC thought enough about skating to give it a try. I also respect what the skaters and judges are trying to do. They are genuinely trying to take this seriously and learn or help budding skaters learn. If nothing else, that should be respected. I think all of the judges would have liked to see this show a success and I hardly think they'd go out there and carelessly jeopardize that by bashing or hating on one skater. Bethanny's attitude has taken this show in a direction it didn't need to go on. If she felt embarrassed by Johnny's truthful and well-stated clarifications then clearly she brought it on herself.

  23. Dave Lease when did Johnny Weir piss in your cornflakes? You applaud Bethenny Frankel for making a brand and success of herself, multitasking, having fans, making money... Johnny has done all of those things this year. He didn't win an Olympic medal yet is one of the most popular figure skaters in the world at the moment and continues to expand his "brand" and gain new fans. Mediawhore is a term thrown around quite a bit but at least Johnny has conducted himself with a measure of class lately which is more than can be said for Bethenny. While you applaud one you continuously shit on the other post after post. I don't get it. I can't believe he was at one time someone you actually used to be able to post about without bitterness seeping through.

  24. Posting that video of a baby Johnny Weir crashing into the boards during his first experience at Nationals was thoughtless and mean-spirited.

    I'm not a fan of Johnny Weir in particular but I can't see what connection you are trying to make other than to just try and make him look bad. He said he feels skaters should perform even while sick as they've all had to do it, and if I'm not mistaken he's done so many times. That video at Nationals is unrelated and does not belong in this post.

  25. Team Johnny. He is cute, funny, talented, and articulate. Betheny Frankle is a mean, plastic, conceited excuse for a star who showcases her daughter like she's the only one who ever had a kid. Everytime one of the judges even says one thing that sounds constructive her insides churn and her bitchiness looks like it's going to explode. Of course she has a right though because really they should bow down to her for being such a big star and being so generous as to grace the pathetic show with her goddess-like presence.

  26. Johnny used millions of excuses and admitted that 2003 Nationals happened because he didn't prepare properly. Aunt Joyce has been supportive of most of the skaters and likes Brooke a lot. Johnny had a tone and condescending attitude with Bethenny from week one. He supported inferior skaters. There is a reason entertainment blogs picked up on it and wrote about it. Johnny and Jill are made for one another. BTW, she is a very successful chef and author.

  27. I agree with the commenter above who said that it's never going to be a success. It's not a horrible show in itself but I love skating so for me it has appeal. It could be the greatest show on tv and still probably nobody would watch it. Nothing or nobody will change that. Skating simply does not appeal to the American public when it's not the winter olympics. Fact.

    I think the skaters are working so hard though and the judges are taking this seriously and trying to add what they can to the show. I don't see how bashing them every week is being constructive, supportive to skating or even fair. They're doing the best they can.

  28. "I wrote in my review last week that I thought Johnny and Laurie Ann seemed overly negative with Bethenny, while gushing about a skater that performed even worse (Vince). "

    I'm with Tony on this one. The judges are especially negative with Bethenny.

  29. Really comment 5:21? Once again Johnny's excuse making, training woes and subsequent embarrassments and hard lessons have nothing to do with feeling that skaters and performers should go out there even while sick. If the premise of the show is for them to assume the life/training/skills of a skater then of course they would be expected to show up.

    Johnny's tone has not been condescending toward Bethenny from week 1. That is something that Bethenny and her fans (and any blog that is written by a Bethenny fan because general, unbiased blogs have not alleged that) have tried to accuse. Your comment "Johnny and Jill are made for one another" says enough about you and your opinions. Point taken. He showed more enthusiasm for "inferior" skaters (as has Dick and LaurieAnn) because most of them go out there and take risks in their independent skating, as well as target and focus on the constructive criticism the judges have given them. They know Vince couldn't skate but he tried to work on what they said to work on and that's what they're looking for. Bethenny has shown them and told them she doesn't give a shit what they say. Of course they won't have the same enthusiasm for her.

  30. I think people are confusing enthusiasm with support. The judges may show enthusiasm for an inferior skater like Vince but they still score him fairly. They may not show the same enthusiasm for Bethenny (I have not seen any of them be mean to her) but her scores have been fair and accurate. With the blatant disdain she displays toward them and the show and her failure to respect or work on what any of them have to say, should they really be expected to be happy and gush over her? And she's a lousy skater. She rigid, unemotional, and relies heavily on her partner.

  31. Hmmmm. I think you are cutting Ms. Bethenny waaay too much slack, dear host! Keep in mind that I never watched her show, read her books, or even heard of her before SWTS. And I do think the judges have been harsh with her, which I've posted in another thread. But I thought that Johnny was trying to be a bit softer in his comments this week--I didn't think he was all that condescending. (Wouldn't say the same for the choreographer judge, however: she seems completely obnoxious; I can't even look at her without cringing.)

    Bethenny's skating is awful--she is as stiff as a board and helped more by her thin frame than her talent. Had Sean not been voted off, I think she would have been more interesting to watch, as I think it's more difficult for a person with a larger (ie, regular, not rail-thin) build to skate and I would have liked to see how Sean met this challenge. (Plus, Sean's partner was a doll; miss DP. Sigh.)

    What struck me this week is that Bethenny and Johnny actually remind me of each other a bit. She seems like a major self-generating marketing/PR machine, and so is Johnny. She seems like someone who has gotten farther in show business so far than she deserves because of business savvy; ditto for Johnny. (Of course I am speaking about his forays in the entertainment business; I think his skating is spectacular and I respect and love him for that.) She blames the judges for her mistakes; Johnny complains about judging as well. And when Bethenny said this week that she wasn't skating for the judges, but for her fans, well, she was taking a page right out of Johnny's book. I have only been a fan of his for less than a year, and I have definitely heard him say the same. You'd think they'd be enjoying each other and sharing their skinny-people clothes and heels. [shrugs] If it serves them well, they'll be kissing and making up while their rabid fans trade insults with each other.

  32. Lol 5:41. Not going to happen though. Apparently she stormed up to him after the show on Monday to lose her temper in front of a group of people to tell him she doesn't take anything seriously bla bla and he's wrong. Yet she has gone on and on about how unfair and mean the judges are. It's already made and she's made herself look like a total frig.

  33. Anon 5:46--must have been quite a catfight!

  34. Oh, and as for Bethenny not wanting to be on the show anymore. Posted on her Facebook page on Monday night: "Bethenny Frankel I'd really love to keep skating! Please vote for Ethan and I! 1-855-752-8306."

    There's a number of these on her wall.

  35. I really like Bethenny and everything she has achieved in her career. I have to admit though she is coming off looking the worst in all of this. Her attitude and comments have been extremely off-putting and have not had the perhaps desired effect of drawing more people to watch. It's driving me away. I want to watch a show where people are happy and inspired by what they're doing and want to improve. Not someone with a sour, haughty attitude every time they get scored or hear a comment they don't like or agree with. I really don't think Johnny or any of the other judges have done anything wrong.

  36. To the anonymous people who claim nobody will watch skating on TV... How can you equate this to real skating? This is hardly skating. If this show was well put together and the celebrities were all comfortable enough on skates to do moderate amounts of difficulty (which would be impossible without a true skating background), this show would do fine. It's a great concept, just poorly delivered by the producers and limited because of the celebrities' skating ability, or lack thereof.

    I don't get how Bethenney expects the judges to be all sweet to her when 10 minutes before she skates she wants to shove a skate up one of their asses. I just wish she'd have some more class and humility. On the flip side, I do believe she has been egged on a bit by the overly negative comments from the judges in the first two weeks.

  37. There is no such thing as anything or anyone being unbiased. Every writer has an opinion or bias that influences their writing, whether or not they acknowledge it.

  38. I just re-watched the first few episodes of the show and Bethenny's performances. I'm lost. I simply cannot see how the judges are being "overly negative" at all. She was called adorable, hot, focused, driven, improving, and was told she had the perfect look and form for a figure skater, she had a "sick" body and looked amazing, etc. etc. etc.

    So not gushing over her technique and giving her more constructive criticism than she believed she and her popularity deserved is the same as "overly negative?" wtf?

  39. Bethenny tweeted that getting to skate again or being able to go home and sleep was a win win.

  40. Johnny withdrew from the 2002 grand Prix because he was sick. He traveled but the USFSA felt he could skate but was unprepared. He was flaking out, so they yanked him from his second event. It is why the entire skating world laughed at him at 2003 nationals, his third senior nationals.

  41. 6:18 I'm not sure what your point is. So at 17 he withdrew because he was sick. Then he was "flaking out" and so was not allowed to skate. I still don't see the connection.

    And why exactly was the entire skating world laughing at him? Perhaps afterward it was admitted he had been rebellious and not as prepared as he could be, but if I'm not mistaken he skated beautifully in his short and was in second place was he not? He had a great chance to medal and looked very promising. Falling into the board and the subsequent fall (which looked very painful) seem as though they were misfortunes that could have happened to anybody. I know he was criticized for not continuing but if he truly injured himself on the second serious fall how was he expected to continue? It's still not the same as performing when sick which he did when he won silver at NHK in 2009.

  42. So let's see if I have this right Bethenny can:

    1. Roll her eyes at scores and react with an attitude on the show
    2. Talk about shoving her skate on the ass of a judge, and tell another judge to "fuck off," during practice on camera
    3. Post messages on twitter about the judges and gently encourage her fans to react with strong negativity
    4. Give interviews about the show in which she makes subtle jabs or blatantly demeans
    5. Insults the gender presentation of one judge
    6. Repeats several times throughout the show she dosn't "care what the judges think."
    7. Tells the judges seconds before her third scoring they could "rip" her only this time

    .... and Johnny Weir DOESN'T have a right to address this utter bullshit by saying it's not personal and it's not hate? HE was condescending??? I thought he was way softer and more gentle than I would be in that circumstance. She has made herself look like a complete ass. He had every right to say what he said and address what she herself started and brought on to the show. He came off classy. She came off horrid. She was clearly surprised and embarrassed and I dare say she deserved it.

  43. I can't believe someone like Bethenny actually has fans...

  44. Johnny was not condescending nor was he patronizing to Bethany. He addressed something that was getting carried away, something she herself had instigated. He did it in a professional, non-bitchy way.

    If Bethany has trouble taking it, she better quit dishing it out.

  45. OlympicEffect said...
    I've never pretended to be unbiased,

    Good thing, because I don't think you're capable of it!

    Bethenny Frankel has been nasty practically from Day one. She doesn't care about the judges and isn't taking it seriously, but she audibly says 'F+ck JOhnny Weir' on the show, she says he wants to be a woman and tries to pass it off as a very UNfunny joke (this from a woman who knows Johnny from hosting GLAAD events), Weir has no interest in being a woman.

    She says she doesn't care, yet she says she'll put a skate blade up someone's butt. She confronts Weir backstage in front of witnesses, and then when it starts to get around the Internet she posts a lame, badly written Tweet trying to make herself look better. Thankfully many of her fans are just that, fans. But a segment of them have been horrible to Weir; calling him names, tweeting homophobic slurs to him, posting homophobic messages on Bethenny's and the SWTS FB page, mocking everything he does and everything he says. One of them writes a Blog titled 'The I Hate Jill Zarin Blog', and they talk about (publicly yet) a conspiracy against Bethenny engineered by Jill Zarin, which of course would have to involve all three judges and not just Weir since their scores for BF have been within one point of each other. Bethenny knows about a lot of this but has said nothing, though a comment from her to at least calm down would have gone a long way toward calming things. Her Tweet only appeared after at least two witnesses said she verbally abused JOhnny Weir backstage after the show and started talking about it on Twitter and elsewhere. Then she knew she had to say something, even though she did a bad job of it.

    As far as Ethan Burgess, I think it was in bad taste for him to RT any tweet criticizing the judging the way he did, even though he did not write them. He's been judged for years, and as a skater he knows, or should know, exactly why Bethenny is not scoring better.

    And I have more news for poor Ethan...some of the same fans attacking Weir have also been criticizing him and blaming him for her problems skating. It was his fault she stumbled the other night, you understand. I challenged one of them on FB over that and got a reply back that yes it was so his fault. Poor guy is going to be their next target and probably has no clue about that.

  46. Bethenny has a horrible attitude and I can't stand her either but get a life, WheresMyKoppy. Your arguments make you look crazy.

  47. Ethan seems a bit hotheaded, and this competition is probably the highlight of his career. He was generally at the bottom-of-the-pack in Sr Pairs, which isn't so bad, but this TV show is probably a step up, sadly. I imagine any attacks on Bethenney ticks him off because he's probably been working very hard with her to do well on this show. But he only RT'ed the tweet... He didn't write it himself. It is understandable if Ethan was mad because Vince Neil had similar skating ability as Bethenney but seemed to get more of a free pass because he's older.

  48. Notice how skating fans have a total disregard for Johnny by this point.

    The Misfit Mimes consider this Johnny Weir's show and any criticism of it is considered an attack on Johnny. Read the blog for a few good laughs.

  49. "Notice how skating fans have a total disregard for Johnny by this point."

    You're deluded if you think so!

  50. Huh? Which skating fans do you refer to? Johnny has a lot of fans, period (including me), and many (like me) are skating fans. I don't get where you're coming from here.

    Similarly, please don't assume that all of Johnny's fans are fans of the Misfit Mimes blog. No offense meant against her blog, but I don't read it and ignore anything posted on his Facebook page that tells me I have to vote for something, buy Johnny a gift, complain to GLAAD about something/someone, etc. Some of his uber fans--and on this we agree--do consider any criticism or sarcasm an attack. But if you are writing about Johnny on an almost-daily basis, you need to help generate controversy, I guess . . .

    But that Bethenny chick has not behaved professionally on SWTS--and some of her fans are nutty and vicious. From what I've seen on her FB page, some of HER fans consider any criticism of HER as a personal attack. Are you not seeing that?

  51. "Notice how skating fans have a total disregard for Johnny by this point."

    I think you are wrong, Dave. You generalize too much.

    There are a lot of Johnny fans who are actually very knowledgeable about skating and who ARE skating fans. They see Johnny´s bad sides as well as his good sides. They just don´t stop loving him.
    I´m sure your friends and fans which you have and deserve don´t just see the snarky and obnoxious Dave. They must be looking behind the facade you put up to generate buzz for your blog.

    With your way to write your blog you force people to chose sides. Once they have chosen they stop to listen, as good as your arguments might be, or they dismiss anything you put on your blog because it comes from Aunt Joyce and ,you know, Aunt Joyce is a hater. Haters to the left. They react the same way you do when you are confronted by rabid fans of any couleur.

    You know what makes me read and think and not getting into defensive mode immediately? Answers Tony Wheeler often gives like the one he mentioned above. I do not always agree but I´m forced to accept his opinion because he does it without dissing people or putting them down just so he feels superior.
    You are capable of doing that also as you have demonstrated with your latest answer to this question on your formspring: "In the grand skating order of things- Weir had 'his shot' in 03 or so;..."etc. Etc.

    Thanks for „listening“.

  52. "skating fans have a total disregard for Johnny by this point..."

    huh? Seriously THAT'S what you gleaned from the endless thread of comments here defending Johnny and chiding Bethenny? I'm guessing reading comprehension at school wasn't your strong suit. I'm sure this is true for those very old school or 50 and over, but all of the general skating fans I know love Johnny. They view him as sort of the hottest thing in skating right now and don't even care he's retired.

    He's certainly not perfect and has had his share of mis-steps publicity-wise and in competition but I love the crazy little bitch and still find his skating hypnotic in way nobody else's is. And I also wouldn't be caught DEAD on the Misfit Mimes site or his Facebook fans site or any other place where Johnny crazies fester and dwell. Not all of his fans are like that. You should be careful how you generalize and attempt to speak for the skating community.

  53. "And I also wouldn't be caught DEAD on the Misfit Mimes site or his Facebook fans site or any other place where Johnny crazies fester and dwell."

    There´s a lot of generalizing going on, not just in AJ´s blog. You just proved it. Just label away.

  54. My only hope is that SWTS does a second season with Justin Bieber as a guest skater, and Johnny dares to pull his shit with HIM. HIS. FANS. WOULD. DROWN. AND. DEMOLISH. YOU. WEIRCUNTS. LIKE. 5000. JET PLANES. AND. THE. PACIFIC. OCEAN. RAN. OVER. YOU.

  55. Anonymous said...
    Bethenny has a horrible attitude and I can't stand her either but get a life, WheresMyKoppy. Your arguments make you look crazy.

    December 9, 2010 9:06 AM

    Really? My arguments make me look crazy? Which arguments are you referring to? The comments about Ethan? Posted publicly. The backstage rants against Weir? Posted publicly. The ridiculous Jill Zarin conspiracy theory? Posted publicly. The comments made by Bethenny against Weir and the other judges? Posted publicly. The homophobic tweets against WEir? Public. The FB posts against Weir? Public.

    So what exactly about my arguments is it that makes me look crazy?

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Olympic Effect
    The Misfit Mimes consider this Johnny Weir's show and any criticism of it is considered an attack on Johnny. Read the blog for a few good laughs.
    The criticism of Johnny by Bethenny and a segment of her fandom is not normal, so yes it's considered an attack on Johnny. And MM is often humorous, so hey you're right, you will get a few good laughs. Too bad you have to poke at her that way. If you were confident of your own abilities as a Blogger why would you need to do that? Misfit Mimes is not a 'the', but a she. Coming from someone who used a few comments from Weir on a TV show as an excuse to show practically every mistake he's ever made again publicly, including when he was a young boy, it's somewhat hypocritical for you to call anyone out on what they write.

    BTW, No one on FB tells me to do anything, or vote for anything or report anything or buy anything. A suggestion is just that, a suggestion.

    Don't know why some people insist on attacking Misfit Mimes blog, and don't know what she had to do with any of this, because I certainly haven't seen her mention your Blog lately, but to each their own. Her blog is humorous and often insightful and no one forces anyone to read it, read this, FB, TWitter, ontd_skating, my blogs or anything else. It's all by choice.

  58. *So what exactly about my arguments is it that makes me look crazy?*

    Just the fact that you know every single word that was breathed on the topic, every single action, every single aspect from every angle with better clarity than would a louse hanging on one of Johnny's pubic hairs, looking out his fly and listening when it went down. And you've commented in long, long, posts defending him like he's more than the child of your own bosom, under every article written on the subject.

    You devote an irrational amount of time and effort to some stranger who doesn't give 1/2 a dot of a shit if you exist or stopped being his fan tomorrow. Get a job, Gail Turley. Get a hobby. Get a real man for yourself. At least get outside and get a breath of fresh air once in a while.

    It's one thing to follow the story and make a comment or two, but going on a psycho warpath because 'someone's being mean to Johnny!' requires psychiatric intervention.

  59. Oh, Gail, you are just proving a point, and it is really tiring. Some times you have to pick your fights and some times you have to take a step back.

    Read Tony Wheelers answer, especially this:
    "Johnny is a grown man who is quite capable of dealing with negativity pointed his way just fine on his own, but I keep seeing comments from some fans who paint it out to seem like he's this poor little boy that doesn't defend himself"

    "One of the sane ones over there"
    Have I mentioned that I hate labels?

  60. I am a fan of Aunt Joyce and I think Johnny should demonstrate real leadership by telling his fans to calm down and stop badmouthing AJ.

  61. To Anon 1:40 AM

    AJ (Dave) is a grown man and is very capable of defending himself.

  62. Anon 1:40 keep smoking the ganja. As if that will happen. AJ gets as good as he gives. He bashes Johnny's skating, his accomplishments, his looks, his projects, his weight and the list goes on and on. As if Johnny would ever defend him after some of the awful things Dave Lease has said.

  63. Johnny Weir is a grown man and is very capable of defending himself.

    Johnny gets as good as he gives. He's bashed Evan Lysacek's skating (saying he only won due politics), his looks (lets his fans call him orange bro and mongoose), his projects (first press release after Vancouver made catty reference to Evan's DWTS while he, Johnny, helped charitable causes), winked at Chelsea Handler then lied about it, and the list goes on and on (to what he and fans did to Smuckers Jam and Stars On Ice and NY-Mag). As if Bethenny Frankel would ever defend him and tell her fans to shut up after some of the awful things Johnny Weir has said/done/allowed concerning others.

    Some can dish it out but can't take it.

  64. Anon 9:25 what the hell does this have to do with Evan Lysacek? Johnny and Evan are pretty evenly matched as far as things they've each done and said regarding the other. Evan is most certainly not an innocent angel and usually instigates it. Johnny's talked about politics but I've never heard him say Evan won due to politics. I have heard him say several times he believes Evan works harder than anyone and deserved his medal. I also never heard him make catty remarks about Evan directly after the Olympics. Why would he tell his fans to stop calling him "organge bro?" How the hell does Johnny know about that? He stated the wink on Chelsea's show was a mistake and not intended the way people took it. Other then that Evan has been firing off against Johnny with equal or greater ferocity. He's made ridiculous homophobic remarks that he tried to pass off by deflecting blame.

  65. 'What the hell does this have to do with Evan Lysacek?' What goes around comes around.

    'Johnny and Evan are pretty evenly matched as far as things they've each done and said regarding the other.' Untrue. Johnny is far more cutting and vicious.

    'Evan is most certainly not an innocent angel and usually instigates it.' Outright LIE.

    'Johnny's talked about politics but I've never heard him say Evan won due to politics., etc.' Obviously, when he speaks, you only hear what you want to hear and disregard the rest.

    'Why would he tell his fans to stop calling him orange bro? How the hell does Johnny know about that?' He knows everything his fans are saying, just like you're so sure Bethenny Frankel knows everything hers are saying.

    'He stated the wink on Chelsea's show was a mistake and not intended the way people took it.' Yeah. After he LIED and tried to accuse her show of deliberately editing the wink in. When she called him out, his back was to the wall and he had to try and correct the situation somehow...or else it wouldn't have made him look very good, would it?

    'Other than that Evan has been firing off against Johnny with equal or greater ferocity.' Evan never got so personal as to call Johnny a very degrading word combining the insults 'slut' and 'whore' on live national television. That was an ironic laugh, btw. HE'S the whore, not Evan. It'll be a freezing day in hell when you find Evan accepting extravagant jeweled watches from fans/strangers. It'll be a freezing day in hell when you find Evan tweeting his desire for expensive designer items online, including his exact size, in hopes of attracting a buyer he can USE.

    'He's made ridiculous homophobic remarks that he tried to pass off as deflecting blame'. Why shouldn't he? Johnny made a ridiculous homosexual insinuation about him on Chelsea Lately then tried to pass blame off on the show. Who knows how many people now believe he's a closet homosexual due to that wink. Thanks, Johnny.

    Why are you defending him? Isn't JOHNNY as much a grown man who doesn't need outside defenses as Aunt Joyce?

    Oh. And you're wasting your time defending him to ME, little honey. You see, I've got his number. I know exactly what he is and what he's all about.

  66. Anon 10:42, "Little Honey." I could care less about defending Johnny but lolol, get a life. You're coming off as raging defensive of Evan as Johnny's fans are of Johnny. Bitter much? And I'm not so sure people think Evan is closeted just "because of that wink." But you keep believing that. ha

    Yes Evan is a sweetheart. He'd never accept designer items and gifts from fans. That's right.... CAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY FANS!

  67. HAHA, omg this thread. I want to see Johnny's most fierce and loyal defender battle it out with Evan's. It would be an epic war.

  68. 'Little honey'...Lol. Didn't like that, eh? :)

    'Get a life'. How cliche. As if you aren't on here too.

    You're coming off as raging defensive of Evan as Johnny's fans are of Johnny.' Really? Wow. WTF of it? You're the one who started it by saying AUNT JOYCE was grown man enough to defend himself, then you rabidly defend Johnny. How hypocritical.

    Bitter much? ROTFLMAO!!!!! Evan's the Olympic Gold Medalist. No matter what you say or do, or how you twist and turn it, HE'S GOT THAT GOLD MEDAL, HE'S GOING IN THE BOOKS, not Johnny. I'll tell you who's bitter. People who have to write themselves skate programs called 'Heartbroken', admittedly about the Olympics. People who have to wink at Chelsea Handler. People who have to call others 'slore' to Wendy Williams. People who are sore losers who keep insisting judges are prejudice against them and others win due politics...not because of great skating, but because they 'look the All-American part'. THAT'S BITTER. Bitter, sore losing, tactless, classless fool who can't just respect the judges' decision with grace.

    You're not sure people think Evan's closeted just because of that wink? The point is, how many people did Johnny 'convince' by that wink that baseless rumors they might've heard were true? The point is, how many people watching that show connected Evan with homosexuality thanks to that wink who wouldn't have thought to otherwise? The point is, the wink was PROFOUNDLY INAPPROPRIATE.

    Evan doesn't have any fans? Now who's telling themselves what they want to believe? That's factually incorrect and you know it.

    Evan doesn't accept designer gifts and costly jewels from fans because he has a sense of decency and integrity and he's not a USER who takes advantage of his admirers for selfish gain. Same can't be said about 'dirty loverboy' there.

    Johnny can run all over the place, kissing all kinds of famous people's ass, social climbing and sucking up, desperate to make himself into some kind of Paris Hilton-style celebrity so he won't have to go out and get a real job. Fact is, he'll never enjoy the respect and prestige of being a Gold Medal Olympian in Figure Skating, which he's struggled his whole life to do. NEVER. Guess trash celebrity is all the boy's good for. Alas.

  69. Evan sucks. There's a reason why nobody cares about him.

  70. I think both Johnny and Evan should give it up and just admit they've wanted each other for years and are jealous of each other because they can't be together. If they just had sex it would solve so many problems.

  71. Sry to break it to ya auntie j, but Johnny didn't choose not to go to Worlds on his own or by his own choice. Yente Tara said he couldn't go to Worlds with the attitude that he couldn't win. So instead of encouraging him to gain a more positive outlook and at least try for Worlds, she said, "Well then, you can't win." and instead, she focused on turning Johnny into a kind of sickening show-dog to make money. In the process, she lost Rachel and I think she may also now lose Jeremy and others. Trufax.

    Note to you and self: If you want to have sex after midnight on nye with Johnny Weir, all you have to be is besties with Yente Tara or a sister of a bestie of Tara and you're in like flint, michigan. Right. Too late, Yente Tara. I have your play-book, now. See you on the Field.



    Oh get off it Johnny. We all know you have been very busy this morning fucking Carin, your one and only JAP-date choice presented for you by JAP-Pimp-Yente-Vampire Tara and her JAP-beau-Yente billy-bob, er Josh. That is why JAP-Pimp-Yente Tara exclaimed that this NYE was the best by far-trufax. That's ok, JAP-Pimp-Yente. What goes around comes around. You'll get yours.

  73. Didn't Carin and Tara both call the IOC and tell them that Johnny already had a personal medical physician? Heard the facts back from the IOC that their decision to withdraw Olympic help from Johnny was based on the collective say-so of Carin and Tara that Johnny already had a medical team and didn't need their medical doctors.