Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This and That

After being somewhat hindered at Worlds due to injury, Kohei Uchimura unleashed a few tricks that he has been working on recently.  Kohei performed a Triple Twisting Yurchenko and Dragalescu vault at Japanese Nationals.  Even though he is already miles ahead of the competition, Kohei clearly realizes that he needs to keep challenging himself in order to maintain his position.

Debbi Wilkes visited Virtue and Moir at their recent book signing.  Tessa informs us that they have been back on the ice briefly and are aiming to be ready for Canadian Nationals, but are not making any guarantees.  They haven't commenced full training yet.  As of now, she is pain free.  Their season trajectory is oddly similar to that of their 2008-2009 season.

Be Good Johnny Weir was just picked up for a second season.  The new season will air on LOGO this summer, while the network will begin airing season one this winter.  This is a big plus for Johnny and the show's producers, as LOGO reaches more households and is watched by the same target demographic who would be willing to go see Johnny perform: gays and the girls who love them.  While Johnny is not technically "out," that seems to be a formality as his book has been promised to "tell his story." This weekend, Pop Eater is supposed to have a story on when Johnny popped his cherry.

The University of Michigan held their Maize and Blue intrasquad last weekend.  Check out the archived video.

Tatiana Nabieva won a meet with no pressure nor a prestigious field.

The ManleyWoman skatecast posted a new podcast interview with Barbara Ann Scott.  I'd like to thank Allison for finally getting individual links for each podcast.  She just earned 15 points in my book.

Brian Boitano was rather ballsy and cool for a skater when he publicly criticized Skating With The Stars.  He did whine that the judges of DWTS are "too mean," but I'm willing to overlook it.

Beloved Belgosto 'take a bow.'

Kaitlyn Ohashi won the AA, VT and FX at the Bumbo Cup.  McKenzie Wofford won bars and beam and was second in the AA.  Now she just needs to add about eight tenths to her bars score to be an asset to Team USA.  For Ohashi, this is yet another example that her recent success has not been a fluke.  Their toughest competition may have been one another, but there is experience to be gained from preparing for an international meet and performing when one is expected to win.  Results

Melissa Gregory's analysis of Skating With The Stars and exercise in enunciation:

Blahtah posted videos from practice last week:


  1. Utah is looking pretty solid, I expect them to be the #4 team this year behind UCLA, Florida, Bama. Go UTES!!!

  2. Wofford just needs to add 8 tenths to her bars start value to be an asset? hahaha. So basically, she needs a new routine. Pretty bar worker though.

  3. Didn't Wofford win BB?

  4. Any gays (and girls who love gays) who haven't heard of Johnny Weir by now must be living in a cave.

  5. Yeah, Wofford won UB and BB.

  6. The results have been posted incorrectly on IG, etc. Edited above.