Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moondance Alexander

Recently, Alexandra Pauline Cohen has discussed a possible return to acting.  Based on her recent skating performances, it certainly appears that she is in need of a change.  To her credit, Sasha is a slightly more convincing actress than Tara Lipinski.  Following her sort-of success at the 2006 Olympics, many producers were eager to cast that 'gorgeous face' in cameos and to give her a shot on the big screen.  Aside from smelling a jock strap in Blades of Glory and crying unconvincingly on CSI, Sasha's most notable work was the film Moondance Alexander.

For a film debut, Sasha was tasked with mastering a difficult character...very unlike herself.  Sasha was cast as Fiona, the privileged equestrian/high school student who tormented the poor, sad daughter of Aunt Becky who dreamed of showing horses.

I don't know how Sasha had it in her to act spoiled, bossy and even a bit cruel.  In her few scenes in the film, Sasha always mocked the protagonist, whether it was in a short skirt with her fellow bitches in Laguna Niguel, sticking gum in her yearbook, telling the girl she'd make a good stable hand, or laughing at her for wearing rubber boots.  Wherever did she find the inspiration?

The main character had questionable fashion choices, which going by Sasha off-screen, must've been difficult for her to stomach.  Sasha's character decided to forgo looking over the course one last time before her ride.  Going by Sasha's obvious work-ethic, I don't know where she drew that aspect of her character from.

In true Sasha fashion, she didn't manage to win the title outright.  Fiona had to settle for a tie.

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  1. Doesn't Sasha get to light the candle? And what about Slutskaya?

  2. Sasha did last year.

  3. Sasha doesn't have a shot in hell at doing more than this lame movie. She's too short and can't act.

  4. Sasha's too short? Talent is one thing (or lack thereof) but acting isn't basketball-height is not a major factor in most roles. Just ask Tom Cruise and other short actors.

  5. Tom Cruise had a charisma Sasha never had and never will have not to mention Cruise is an amazing actor. Sasha can't act. She has and had no shot at a career.

    Sasha played herself in that movie. She is exactly the spoiled bitch who treats people like shit.

  6. We're not discussing charisma or whether Sasha can act, or is a bitch or not - the subject was HEIGHT when it was stated that Sasha is too short for acting-which is a fallacy unless the role calls for a tall actor.