Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This and That

Paul Binnebose is back on the ice teaching after brain surgery.  Those who were fans a decade ago remember the skating community wearing ribbons while he was in a coma.  (Video included)

Update on Yu-Na Kim.

Sasha Artemev is aiming for a full AA comeback at the 2011 Winter Cup.

Relive the Vancouver Olympics in 3D

The Gym Dogs posted a brief video of their intrasquad.  The team is looking much fitter than they did a year ago.  They may not have all of the big recruits, but some of their hard work looks to be paying off.  Mariel Box has really started to perform a legitimately good vault.  A year ago, she vaulted with bent elbows.  Now, she is looking ready to be a member of the lineup.  Kaylan Earls is starting to pick it up.  Cassidy McComb looks the best she has since she was SEC Freshman of the Year.  The last two years were a struggle for Cassidy in and out of the gym.  She finally looks fit and ready to do all of her skills.  Her 1 1/2 is back on vault.  Like Tiffany Tolnay, she always lands that vault better than she lands her Yurchenko Full.

Heidi Moneymaker's Stunt Demo Reel

French Nationals Videos:

Pechalat and Bourzat

Carron and Jones

Brian Joubert

Alban Preaubert

Florent Amodio

Mae-Berenice Meite

Yretha Silete


  1. Ha, I love how you're feeling so good about Georgia when we only saw two full routines in the video, Muriel Box & Cassidy McComb's Vaults, which were shown multiple times. They were very nice vaults, but is that really all we get to see?

  2. You can tell how a team looks from clips. The fact that McComb is in shape enough to do the 1 1/2 is a very good sign. She was not in shape enough to do it the past two years and her performance showed on every event. I am not declaring that UGA will win NCAAs. I am saying that they definitely appear to be better than they were last season (which isn't difficult.) UGA is supposed to post videos of their intrasquad 'early this week,' but they tweeted the same thing about their previous intrasquad. Their video editor was apparently bogged down with finals.

  3. You do make a good point about McComb, she looks great, I will be excited to see full routines posted!

  4. What were the final Ladies results at French Nationals? The top 3 anyway


    Here is the link for all results from French Championships

  6. Glad to see Paul Binnebose back on the ice!