Saturday, December 18, 2010

This and That

Kristina Sidorova's floor from the Voronin Cup.

Marlie checked in with Universal Sports following their win at the Grand Prix Final.  Always good to know that Meryl is a fellow member of the Mac cult.

Brian Joubert is in first at French Nationals.  Florent Amodio effed up considerably and is in third.
1. Brian Joubert 77.21
2. Alban Preaubert 74.53
3. Florent Amodio 67.21

Yretha is ahead of Mae-Bernice by about three points.

The was an ice problem in Monterrey last night that prevented Stars On Ice from being able to put on the show.  Several skaters tweeted how disappointed they were not to put on the show and we can only assume their agents and credit cards feel the same way as they finish up their holiday shopping.

Anastasia Sidorova's bars from the Voronin Cup

Kristina Sidorova's bars

Michelle Kwan is charming the media and public at the opening of an ice rink in Singapore.  MK announced that she is unlikely to return to competition.  While it isn't news, it is certainly depressing.  Michelle did say that she has a boyfriend but did not reveal any further details.  She is set to return to Singapore the second week of January.

Miss Val answered the latest batch of questions for Ask The Bruins.

The latest from the slow painful death of Cal Gymnastics:

Alyssa Baumann at the Voronin Cup:


  1. Kwan in Singapore? She goes where the $$$ are! Why am I not surprised she skipped the Caesar's Tribute ice show for this? She won't compete anymore? Girl you're 30! Duh!

  2. Does France have only 2 spots? Do they use only Nationals to determine their World team or are they wiser than the US? Obviously, Amodio has already done enough to earn a spot there.

  3. Are you saying those skaters won't get paid because the show couldn't happen?

  4. Amodio came back to finish 2nd to Joubert; I'm sure Joubert and Amodio, barring anything insane happening, are the selections for Worlds...

  5. When you wrote that Meryl likes Mac, I interpreted that as she likes MAC cosmetics. Then I watched the video and realized, "Ohhhh, she wants an Apple product."