Thursday, December 16, 2010

This and That

Johnny Weir's album cover for 'Dirty Love.'

Viktoria Komova is out of this weekend's Voronin Cup with a sprained foot.  Total sadness.  Komova tripped while walking through the gym.  Aliya Mustafina will also sit this one out, but Tatiana Naibieva, Anastasia Sidorova and Anna Pavlova will all be competing.  Fans will be able to watch a live webcast.

PJ Kwong wrote an article about esteemed choreographers Lori Nichol and Sandra Bezic.

Jeremy Abbott told Universal Sports that he feels he is the frontrunner going into Nationals.  I'd love to see him win again with a spectacular long program, but I can't help but be a bit nervous.  Jeremy considered himself one of the favorites going into the Olympics and it didn't turn out so well.

Todd Eldredge is choreographing for Stars On Ice Mexico.

It is time for our Japanese fans to do a little translating.


  1. Why does Johnny Weir have pieces from the floor mats in my car on the his head? So ridiculous that someone is letting him release a song. I wish someone would record what I sing in the shower and produce that too.

  2. Interviewer: How do you control your emotions on the big stage?

    Mao: I can never bring out my best/my full strength at the first competition of the season, but gradually I can demonstrate my power, so it's important to get used to things. Other than that, I just think, 'just like in practice.'

    Daisuke: I also tend to get nervous...

    Interviewer: What, really?

    Daisuke: Yes... but I guess I have some level of confidence somewhere? I do think that that must be the secret to not getting nervous. As expected, if I don't practice that much I lose to my nervousness.

    Mao: If I make a mistake, there are times when I think, 'What am I going to do if I make another mistake?'

    Interviewer: You think that? Really?

    Mao (to Daisuke): But it's no good if you think that way, right?

    Daisuke: Yeah.

    Interviewer (to Mao): To you, who is Daisuke? (i.e. What is he like from your perspective?)

    Mao: Well, I end up just being fascinated by his skating whenever I watch it. I think it would be nice if I could express a wide range of emotions and artistry, like Dai-chan.

    Daisuke: Occasionally she allows me to practice with her (Note: This isn't Mao giving her permission, it's a polite/humble way of saying that they practice together), and she is quite dedicated to her training. It's really amazing.

    Mao: Dai-chan is amazing too.

    Daisuke: She's really good at step sequences, so...

    Mao: No no, Dai-chan too!

    Interviewer: Wow, isn't that impressive! Said by the best (step sequence-er) in the world...

    Mao: Yes, the best in the world.

    Daisuke: No, no no, I--she's amazing.

    Interviewer: She's amazing?

    Mao: No, Dai-chan is amazing too.

    Daisuke: During the intense parts of her practices, she's always doing all these different kinds of step sequences, and these are so good. I respect her.

    Interviewer: Is she like a younger sister to you?

    Daisuke: Yes, that's true. Sometimes these days, I'll think, 'Wow, she's become an adult'... You know, I've seen her as a little girl all this time, but now it's like, no, that's not true, she's become a woman, and there are times I feel sad.

    Interviewer: The two very close friends, who call each other Dai-chan and Mao-chan. Please continue to bring life to the figure skating world!

    At the end, they mention that in the off-season, Daisuke wants to just lounge around his room, while Mao wants to go to the beach and get some sun. :)

  3. "I don't appreciate every celebrity. I don't appreciate every athlete. There are people I don't like. It's a completely human and natural thing and I don't begrudge anyone's opinions about me because you have to formulate it yourself. I know who I am, I'm proud of who I am, and the people I love and cherish are proud of me and I'm proud of them.
    "That," Weir concludes, "is what matters to me."

    From here:

  4. @ 8:29
    Apparently, it's pieces of a car's hood.

    I'm really excited for the song. I would love it even if it were not associated with Johnny. Thank you, Lucian Piane. I wonder if there's a chance the local top 40 station will play it when request it...

  5. Poor Jeremy! Even if he wins the US national title this year he'll still be overshadowed by the cuteness that is Adam R. as the next big thing in FS and by the fabulousness that is Johnny W. who'll be there to fetch his Michelle Kwan Award for Skater of the Year. You know the media will be all over these two.

  6. Where's Anastasia Grishina? Injured as well?

  7. It's kind of maddening when a gymnast sprains her ankle because she tripped! I'd make a comment about the clumsiness of gymnasts but we all know it's their joints are weak enough to begin with that a stumble can comprise them more than the average jane

  8. RE: December 16, 2010 9:24 PM :
    Thanks very much for the Japanese to English translation- we appreciate your generous talents & efforts on our behalf! :)

  9. I really enjoy how the Japanese interview skaters and how in turn the skaters respond to the questions. None of the sensational, baiting questions like in here and Europe, instead the tone is more respectful and substantiative. I think skaters appreciate this and often give answers that are revealing of their personalities. Very nice.

  10. MsJess, what do you mean her joints are weak enough? Regular people twist their ankles stepping off a curb or doing any other simple activity all the time. It happens.