Saturday, December 25, 2010

Japanese Nationals Men's Results

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1. Kozuka

2. Takahashi

3. Oda

4.  Hanyu


  1. Scary fall for Kozuka. He looked completely wtf when he got back up from it. With that being said, he had a rather impressive comeback after said fall, and I really wish he'd actually share some emotions with the audience. If he did, he could be epic.

  2. Daisuke was fantastic. The best he's performed that program all season. Too bad he's still having trouble with the technical part.

  3. Dai didn't really make any tachnical mistakes. It was the best he has skated it all season. Sure he doubled the salchow, but other than that.....

  4. He also underrotated the quad, flutzed and got level 2 on spins. His technical scores haven't been that great all season and I don't think he is a contender for the gold at Worlds.

  5. That was an amazing performance from Dai, clearly the best one of the night.

  6. Totally digging Dai's big hair in the picture you posted. It looks like it was comparatively tame for the FS. Here's how Dai should REALLY do his hair (guy in front at 0:14):