Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This and That

Val Kondos on Vanessa's achilles tear.

Video Interview with Evan Lysacek about designing, SOI and returning to competition.  Any competition plans wound involve knowing what his SOI contract is.

Debi Thomas calls her return to the ice a revelation.

Five questions with Rachael Flatt  (Note that she mentions only taking a week off with the tendinitis.  Unfortunately, tendons are difficult to heal.  One needs to take significant time off in order to heal the tendon, otherwise there will be flare-ups in the weeks and months to come.  Also note that Rachael mentions she landed seven triples, when only five were actually 'triples.' They were Sarah Hughes triples;))

Mark Kerrigan is seeking details about which manslaughter theory the prosecution is pursuing in its manslaughter case.  They wish to know whether their theory is that Daniel Kerrigan's death was caused by Mark's reckless conduct or from an attack. The defense also criticized the prosecution for not calling Brenda Kerrigan to the stand during the hearing.  Brenda claims that she saw her son and husband in a bear hug but did not see any other attack.  One small problem with that, Brenda is legally blind.  Given the scant amount she can see, it does not make her the most credible witness.  The defense believes Daniel Kerrigan's death is the result of a long-term heart condition. The Kerrigan family is standing behind Mark after dealing with his lifetime of legal troubles.

Aly Raisman is working hard to perfect her Arabian Double Front on floor and her Amanar.

Absolute Skating spoke to Florent Amodio about his coaching change and splitting time between Latvia and France.

Michelle Kwan has upped her political and business profile by being named to the Special Olympics International Board of Directors.

Listen to a sample of Johnny Weir's "Dirty Love."    It isn't great, but is far from terrible.  It is certainly on par with "Stars Are Blind" and much better than "Money Can't Buy You Class" and "(Don't Be) Tardy For The Party."

UF is hosting an intrasquad tomorrow night at 6 PM in the O Dome.

Recent Plushenko training clip.  While the ISU will likely allow him to compete again, time is not of Plushenko's side.  His myriad of old battle injuries will continue to make his ascent to the top of the sport a true challenge, as will his lack of transitions, spins and footwork.

The Bumbo Cup champions have returned to WOGA:


  1. It doesn't even sound like Johnny. It could be anyone. It's a computer generated voice. What is the point? We know he doesn't know how to sing.

  2. I am pretty sure you left off a word at the end of your Plushenko blurb- something like "unlikely" or "impossible" or something else. What I think what could happen is that he tries to go to 2013 worlds to try to get Russia as many spots as possible for the 2014 Olympics if he is needed.

  3. Plushenko did get level 3 steps and level 4 spins but while he could get those levels he routinely got just base value or plus ones. I can see why you would say that about his spins and steps. He needs to get GOE on them to really make them count big time like Lysacek did. His final spin at the Olympics. Like all all plus threes even with (because?) of the fist pumping.

    With transitions, he does need spread eagles and stuff. There are like three or four or five transitions that are talked about as being needed for a high transition score. Spread eagles, ina bauers, russian splits, waltz jumps, and one or two others I don't know. The rule book says something but people like Inman have a list of five things I think that are Transitions.

  4. I know it's a tendon, but it's spelled tendinitis. You're welcome.

  5. Ugh...tendon and ligament injuries are a bitch, speaking from personal experience. If you don't rest them and give them time to heal from inflammation, it could become chronic THEN irreversible. Maybe Rachael should take this as a sign to stop competing, it's not like she adds anything special to FS anyways.

  6. Awesome. MIchelle Kwan is sooo going to be our first female Asian-Am president one day. I think being actively involved politically via Oly org/ commissions is a great way to learn the political ropes outside of her didactic studies. Peter Ueberoth (sp?) started in this way, and eventually was persuaded by many to run for statewide office in California. He was very popular and could have won any office had he chosen to do so.

  7. Anon @ 3:50 AM, if you're reading this blog for grammar, you must be new. There are plenty of errors in every post, so let's not throw stones in a glass house, k?

  8. The blog has a few typos, but the grammar and writing is always top notch. It is part of what makes it so awesome, besides the point of view.

  9. Johnny sings about as well as Bethenny Frankel skates. And I don't get either. But that won't stop some of Bethenny's fans from praising her skating on her FB page, nor some of Johnny's fans from posting about how great the single is. It's like the blind leading the deaf.

  10. It almost sounds like they've autotuned his speaking voice (if even that)- more like an interpretive reading pushed into an autotune 'easy bake oven'- what comes out the other end is half-baked, and, while vocal, certainly not musical performance.

  11. Evan will compete next year like Sasha will compete next year.

  12. So, that's what Johnny's sounds like when he actually talks like a man, is it?

    Dime a dozen male voice, even with all the added digital enhancement. Far better-sounding bands than this get rejected by every worthwhile record label all the time. If he didn't already have a pre-existing spotlight in something else, no one in the music recording industry would be allowing him through their studio doorway.

  13. To anon 10:06 PM

    Are you one of these rejected bands? Hahahahhah!
    You sound so bitter! Jealous are you?

  14. To anon 2:26

    No, I'm not a rejected band, but I've known a few who sounded way better than that and couldn't get a break.

    Bitter and jealous? LOL. Nah! Just a Rolling Stones, Oasis, and Coldplay fan! I know great music when I hear it as opposed to something that's just thrown together to cash in on a celebrity name.

  15. Rolling Stones, Oasis and Coldplay?
    LMAO!! Not the best singers out there!

  16. aon 3:02

    You are just LMAO because you're a Johnny Weir fan and it annoys you that someone is criticizing him. The Rolling Stones are legendary and Oasis and Coldplay are art to the ear (not to mention they're extremely successful bands).

    Johnny Weir disagrees with your laughter at the Rolling Stones. On Joy Behar's show he specifically expressed his admiration for Mick Jagger and said it was his dream to musically accomplish what Jagger has.

  17. I saw the video. Johnny's 'Dirty Love' has an irritating beat like something 9-year-olds would play patty-cake to.