Friday, December 24, 2010

Don't Want No Short Man - JPN Nationals Men's SP Results

1. Takahiko KOZUKA 87.91

2. Yuzuru HANYU 78.94

3. Nobunari ODA 77.48

4. Daisuke TAKAHASHI 74.78

Rest of the SP results after the jump:

5. Tatsuki MACHIDA 73.75
6. Takahito MURA 72.33
7. Daisuke MURAKAMI 69.39
8. Akio SASAKI 64.84
9. Kento NAKAMURA 64.27
10. Kensuke NAKANIWA 62.09
11. Yasuharu NANRI 61.86
12. Fumiya ITAI 58.18
13. Takuya KONDO 57.83
14. Keiji TANAKA 57.64
15. Yuki HORINOUCHI 52.65
16. Ryuichi KIHARA 52.53
17. Hayato ODAJIMA 51.27
18. Yoji TSUBOI 50.81
19. Ryujyu HINO 50.80
20. Jun SUZUKI 49.91
21. Junki SANO 48.84
22. Junzo NISHIGAMI 48.49
23. Yukihiro YOSHIDA 47.70
24. Hayato MIYAZAKI 45.48
25. Tomoyuki KORIYAMA 45.43
26. Koshin YAMADA 44.26
27. Hikaru MURAYAMA 43.19
28. Sei KAWAHARA 40.57
29. Naoto SAITO 39.81
30. Yuya TAMADA 38.43
31. Jo MATSUMURA 38.27
32. Hiroki HABU 36.07


  1. Daisuke still can't jump. Oda is still a headcase. No one can beat Patrick.

  2. @Anon @4:47 - That prospect is terrifying.

  3. Patrick is over scored garbage

  4. Not at all, he's God's gift to figure skating ;) He's also handsome and smart.

    ps C'mon! He doesn't even skate in Japan Nationals.

  5. Why has Daisuke been failing so much lately?

  6. Patrick can do 4T with great quality. His skating skill is just amazing, too. He isn't over scored. I think Daisuke's pcs is a little over scored. He got still 40pts even though he failed jumps.

  7. Why are we talking about Patrick Chan? He doesn't skate for Japan, so... there are SO MANY Japanese skaters to talk about. Like, Daisuke might not make the podium... I wonder if he'd be assigned to Worlds if he doesn't medal.

  8. They'd be crazy to not send Daisuke.

  9. Daisuke's condition is not perfect now. He has been injured. Sorry for him.

  10. I love that he "failed" jumps. That 3A was fine: he hit a rut on his edge running out. That 3F-3T he just fell out of the landing a bit on the 3T. the 3Z was fine (though really, no one outside of Joannie has done a TRUE lutz entrance, i.e. a long back outside edge, in a while.)

    If Patrick had performed a program like this with there "failed" jumps like this... he'd be Canadian/World champion. Instead Daisuke is 13 points behind.

  11. Why are we discussing Patrick? He isn't competing at Japanese Nationals. Let's take a Chan break until Canadian Nationals, shall we?

  12. Last time I checked, Dai was still reigning World Champion. The JSF is not going to not send the current World Champion, esp when Worlds is being held on their turf.

  13. Exactly Pauline. This is reminiscent of Miki Ando's hot mess Nationals last year. JSF will find some excuse to send Takahashi.

    I am curious if the same reasoning will apply to Mao though. She is in a much worse position than Takahashi at the moment. Will JSF send her no matter how she skates? This season is interesting and fun for all the wrong reasons!