Sunday, December 19, 2010

This and That

Kiira Korpi's free skate at Finnish Nationals.

Anastasia Sidorova's FX at the Voronin Cup

Anna Pavlova at the Voronin Cup

Aliya Mustafina at the Voronin Cup

Tatiana Nabieva at the Voronin Cup

Oksana Chusovitina at the Voronin Cup

Sophia Lee at the Voronin Cup

Adrian Schultheiss at Swedish Nationals

Kristoffer Berntsson at Swedish Nationals

Brian Joubert won French Nationals without a quad in his free skate, but Amodio won the free skate to move up to silver position overall.


  1. wow, good for Brian. did Florent skate a bad SP? did Brian take out the quad intentionally or what? I can't imagine Brian taking out the quad intensionally!

  2. *sob* What happened Kiira? You were doing so well in the short...

  3. Who IS this Kiira Korpi? Where is the Korpi who used to pop most of her jumps ALL the time? She did great here, I'm impressed.

  4. not really Kira's night. she popped the lutz and looked slow and uninspired. if she did the final spin as planned she would have finished way after the music. goes to show how low Finish standards for nationals are.

  5. I notice that both Sophia Lee and Alyssa Baumann are wearing WOGA and not USA leotards in the Voronin Cup videos. Does this mean that USA Gymnastics is not sponsoring this international assignment? I was not under the impression that Martha allowed coaches to enter their gymnasts in whatever meets they wished, but rather preferred to keep strict control over international competitions to make sure that Team USA never gets too badly beaten in front of international judges.

  6. God... if Pavlova really tries to make Worlds next year, she's gonna have a tough time with this group of RUS girls. They're SUPER talented and, apparently, pretty deep. I don't want to see Pavs fail at making the team. That would be almost as bad as seeing her get shafted in Beijing (still can't get over her FX routines... amazing).

  7. Anon @6:40AM:

    AFAIK, the Voronin Cup is an open invitational, meaning that if the parents/coach/gym are willing to front the costs of travel and entry fees, then the gymnast can compete. Hence why Nicole Mandrini, a level 10 that has no business competing internationally, was there.