Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Exceptional Gay Moment: Yu-Na Kim's Skate America Short Program

This video WILL make you gayer.


  1. sounds like you are watching a porn?!

    how gay can you be?

  2. One of those moments you had to be there for. Skate America was amazing last year. Three of the four eventual Olympic Gold Medalists competed and won in Lake Placid.

  3. I want an Exceptional Gay Friend to go to skating events with. First I would need to be able to afford skating events. You guys commentating during the programs would make skating about 50 times more interesting than it is right now. That and Yu-Na coming back...

  4. You guys were SOOOO blessed to watch Yuna at Lake Placid! Yes, Yuna's performance is absolutely fantastic!

  5. Nice video clip! Thanks, AJ!
    I miss Yuna~~
    Though Yuna's past performances are legendary and absolutely gorgeous, I believe her best performances are in the days ahead. Her best days are yet to come. I ever keep my fingers crossed for Yuna!

  6. " Skating skills 10" Right on!

  7. If I ever go to a skating competition event, I want to go with you guys.......
    I am not exaggerating when I say this, I think your comments make watching figure skating 10 times more exciting and entertaining.
    "Girl, you are so fierceeee" lol
    You guys should be commenting for figure skating on national TV.