Thursday, December 9, 2010

This and That

Daisuke Takahashi and Takahiko Kozuka collided during Daisuke's run-through in practice at the GPF.

The Florida Gators are hosting an intrasquad today at 6 PM at the O Dome.

Charlie Tamayo training update.

A new Crimson Tide article says that Ashley Priess will miss the beginning half of the season due to her recovery from ankle surgery.  It is a long recovery for Priess, but it could give the freshmen needed experience.  Lord knows we're going to hear Sarah Patterson talk all about their 27,000 freshmen this season.  It seems Bama almost always has a young team.  Maybe the girls don't stay there long?

As expected, Sarah Patterson named Kim Jacobs and Sarah DeMeo as key AAers for the team.  Jordan Moore is on the mend after having a rod put in her leg.

Bama Beam Videos:

Half the size of Marissa Gutierrez:

Geralen Stack-Eaton

Ashley Sledge

Kim Jacob

Sarah DeMeo

Kayla Hoffman

In case you're an early riser, GPF streaming times:

Friday, Dec. 10
4:15 a.m.: Senior short dance
5:25 a.m.: Senior men's short program
6:30 a.m.: Senior ladies short program
7:35 a.m.: Senior pairs short program

Saturday, Dec. 11
3:55 a.m.: Senior men's free skate
5:10 a.m.: Senior ladies free skate
6:20 a.m.: Senior free dance
7:40 a.m.: Senior pairs free skate


  1. Wow..that article says Priess will be back by the end of March (thats practically the whole season!). The Bama coaches also have a love affair with gainer fulls. I can see the decision with Sledge, Hoffman, and Marissa, but its not logical at all for Demeo to throw all that difficulty and then end with a gainer full. Even if they don't want her to do the double pike, a double or even a 1 1/2 twist would be preferable. Maybe thats just a beginning of the season dismount before upgrading.

  2. Zam and Priess gone (two of my favorites).... the year is not starting out well for this fan. Get well soon you two!

  3. Rolls! Tide! Rolls!

    Can't wait to see what ghetto music is used this year.

    Also can't wait to see what glittery, muffin top of a leotard they use as well.

  4. Dai and Taka, ouch !! At least we know it wasn't intentional...
    Imagine that happening between D and P !!Media FRENZY !!

  5. ouch ouch for dai and taka. Never saw a collision like that before, Dai hit him in mid air. wow. they bothed seemed to handle it pretty well and i hope they are ok