Monday, March 21, 2011

UCLA at Pac 10s


  1. Why does Sam Peszek look like Cassie Scerbo from "Make it or Break it" in these videos?

    Sam is one of the few gymnast I've seen go from elite to NCAA that didn't gain 15lbs. However, her gymnastics (taking that into account) isn't that great.

    I guess Nastia is really not making a comeback. She's been in LA now for a several days (for DWTS premiere)!!! She went to Canada, etc etc. UGH!

  2. Maybe because she wasn't exactly a little tiny thing to begin with? I wasn't the smallest kid in high school but I'm quite a bit smaller than a lot of them now, because I learned to manage my weight and live a healthy lifestyle early. Perhaps she actually had a normal, healthy diet when she was elite, rather than starving herself... snort.

  3. Sam's leap on beam was pretty horrenduos. I wonder whether she would even get it credited.

  4. Yeah, it seems that Sam actually learned to eat healthy as a kid, so managing her weight through college probably won't be a big deal.

    I don't know how serious Nastia is about her comeback, but maybe she just had some professional obligations to take care of in LA real fast? I can't imagine her just going out there to frolick around at this meet and at DWTS. If she's serious about a comeback, I'm sure she knows that she can't be traveling all over the place. Hell, people with very average lives and don't have time to travel around like that, never mind someone doing high level gymnastics.