Friday, March 11, 2011

This and That

Maksim Chmerkovskiy stars on The Bachelor Ukraine airing latest this month.  (Those lucky women!)

Team Canton in their T-Shirts.

The ISU says that the 2011 Worlds will still go on as planned, but with so much uncertainty in Japan that appears to be tenuous.  Condolences go out to Fumie Suguri whose grandfather died this morning.

Tomas Verner is at the center of controversy after performing at a show in North Korea honoring Kim Jong-il's birthday.  He was in the country for 10 days and caused a ton of furor back home.

New Clip on Yao Jinnan and Tan Sixin

Highlights of the Crimson Tide at Michigan

Valentina Marchei is out of Worlds with a strained ligament in her knee.

Skype Interview with Michal Brezina

Flashback Friday with Anna Li

Karina Smirnoff and Ralph Macchio train for DWTS


  1. Is that purple leo a nastia leo?

  2. I can't believe Verner is surprised by the backlash at performing in NK.

  3. He's the only one being backlashed and a number of skaters have done it over the years. It seems uneven to me. I'd be surprised too.

  4. After reading that article you linked to, I can understand why Verner did the ice shows - it seems like it was more of a tour of North Korea than performing for Kim Jon Il per se.

    I bet some of the Verner is getting is inspired by the recent criticism Beyonce, Mariah Carry (etc) have recieved for getting paid millions to perform at private functions for the family of LIbyan dictator Gaddafi.

  5. Good to know the Bachelor is just as gross/pointless/fake in other countries as it is in the US. hahah.

  6. Ralph Macchio still looks like he's about 17. GO KARATE KID!!

  7. I don't know who this Ralph guy is (not very aware of popular culture), but he looks pretty decent in this clip, for a beginner. He has kids in their late teens? Wow, he must look like their brother.

  8. I wonder who the other skaters on that tour were? I can see the Czechs getting a bit over-excited about over Verner performing in North Korea, a communist country with a brutal dictator, since not too long ago Czechoslovakia was in a similar situation. There are a lot of people in that region with a lot of bad memories.