Thursday, March 3, 2011

This and That

Aliya Mustafina had a dramatic practice at the American Cup and was almost in tears after struggling on bars.  The Examiner has videos of podium training, including Aliya Mustafina, Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman, Lauren Mitchell, Huang Qiushuang and Jessica Lopez.

Yu-Na Kim update.  After Worlds, YNK will host shows in Korea and aid their Olympic bid.  She may also host a reality series titled Yu Na Kim's Kiss and Cry.  I had just been thinking that it was a while since we'd heard about her.  It is as though the Korean press is every bit as obsessive as I am.

Viktoria Komova may not be ready for the European Championships.  Her ankle injury suffered in December was actually a fracture.  The coaches are giving her as much time as possible to be ready.  If she cannot compete, Yulia Belokobyiskaya.

Corrie Lothrop and Victoria Shanley will not be available to compete against Florida this weekend.  Lothrop is suffering from a sprained ankle, which Shanley has a back injury.

UGA Practice Update.  As usual, the gymnasts seem to be repeating whatever they heard at Monday's meeting.  How nice of Tanella to tell us that now is a good time to start peaking.  Um, when else would be a good time?  Note to Tanella:  If you're going to be on camera, us a little foundation.  You'll thank me later.

UF Practice Update.

Christine Brennan reflects on Serena William's medical troubles.


  1. I really appreciate Blythe posting videos but it is excessively obnoxious to watch a 30 sec. commercial for .08 sec clip. I wish the clips for each gymnast were all edited together. But beggars cant be choosers...

  2. Thank you, above commenter! It is sooo annoying!

  3. I understand, though, that Examiner has to generate revenue some way (I think Blythe even does the reviewing and attending for free). I'll suffer the commercials for the content and certainly not bitch about it like I would for Anne's horseshit interviews. Blythe's clips may be short, but they tell way more about what's going on than all of Anne's "interviews" combined. Plus, Blythe knows all of the skills and the history of the gymnasts. She is a godsend as far as the inside scoop goes.

  4. Besides from the gymdogs having nothing original to say, the main thing they talked about during the interview was the shopping they were gonna do and the beaches they were going to. Glad to see they're focused on their gymnastics...