Sunday, March 13, 2011

Romanian Update

Some much appreciated training clips!

Sandra Izbasa's new floor routine


  1. Translation (From Ioana):

    even though B&B look at these Europeans as only a stepping stone to the London Olympics, the Romanians cannot just show up. Belu: Russia is in a different era and they're on a crescendo (meaning riding high), and we need to acquit ourselves honorably in front of these competitors.
    Only the very well-prepared girls will go and the ones who already have the skills necessary to take part in a competition like this. The ones who have enough reps under their belt adn who took part in more test meets, even internally.
    The gymnsts understand the coaches' demands and believe the constant training will help them get on the podium.

    Chelaru: Slowly but surely on can see that progress is staring to be seen

    Racea: We worked more [stops and smiles] without breaks. We worked continuously.

    Porgras: It's one thing to train continously, and anothre to work 5 months and sit for 5 [assuming she's talking about her injuries?]

    Belu hopes Izbasa's floor's will be a masterpiece. (She's using Edwin Marton, which is the same CD Plushenko used when he won his Olympic gold --the announcer's note not mine.)

    Izbasa: It's a new routine. I still have a few finishing touches and I hope to manage [to get them done] before Europeans. In at most 2 weeks, it needs to be perfect. We obviously need to come back with a medal -at least. That's what we work for; that's why we're in the gym. (Whee, someone said something else besides 'love of the sport' :oP)

  2. Bless you for posting that translation! Great to see their training .... izbasa looks good on floor! Please dear god let her beat that nasty shit of a "routine" from tweddle!!!!

  3. Gosh, I like Izbasa's floor.

  4. Ooo. She shouldn't have a 3/1 and 2.5 in her routine anymore. Did she and the coaches learn nothing from the last fx final she was in? She will get downgraded again... it will happen.

  5. Hey Aunt Joyce, FS Worlds in Tokyo canceled