Saturday, March 19, 2011


Anastasia Grishina competed for the first time in eleven months and won bars with a 15.1.  She also upgraded to a DTY on vault but suffered falls today and tied for fourth AA.

This has been a stressful time for Aunt Joyce personally and skatenastically.  With Figure Skating Worlds far from certain, Nastia's comeback still a work in shrouded progress (with work left to do) and Komova's ankle injury recurring, I do not appreciate text messages saying, "Grishina had a total splatfest."  One must calm my case of Masha Butyrskaya nerves by leading with "Grishina had a 15.1 on bars and had the top score of seniors and juniors."  Her DTY is an upgrade, but it clearly needs some work.  It is time for Grishina to work on the magic toe on+Khorkina transition and stop catching the high bar too closely---which will eliminate a deduction and raise her D score.  Our girl is still as lovely as ever.

Kyla Ross won the AA (58.750).  Kocian and Ohashi were second (57.75) and third (57.7) respectively.  A fall on her layout full on beam kept Ohashi from taking the AA.  Priessman won vault, 

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Aly Raisman

Katelyn Ohashi

Lexie Priessman

Kyla Ross

Elizabeth Price

Madison Kocian

Yekaterina Kurbatova

Carlotta Ferlito

Amanda Jetter

Sabrina Vega

Jordyn Wieber

Gabby Douglas

Bridgey Caquatto




  1. How do you you know Ross did the amanar? She could have gotten a really high E score with her DTY.

  2. so much for the Maroney has no chance meme!

  3. Maroney is really a 1-event gymnast at this point, although her FX would be fine for World Prelims. But considering how few contenders there even are right now (and so many others in limbo like Nastia, Shawn, Bridget), of course Maroney is in the thick of things.

  4. hahah the Russians videotaping Kocian on bars.

  5. Ross did DTY actually, not Amanar...

  6. Ross beat Ohashi by more then a point. Her fall made no difference. Go back to basic math.

  7. looool 4:51

    She beat her by 1.050. Yes, so much more than a point: that half a tenth that can't even be deducted by itself.

    And obviously EVERYONE knows that a fall just flatly makes one's score exactly one point less than they would have had otherwise. No one has ever scored more than a point higher for a hit routine than they did for one with a fall.

    I would suggest a basic class you should go back to, but academics don't do much about fundamental stupidity.