Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Jesolo Vids

They just keep coming.  Posting more in a separate post so that computers will actually be able to load!

Anastasia Grishina

Katelyn Ohashi

Kyla Ross

Kristina Sidorova

Yulia Chemareva

Lexie Priessman

Anna Rodionova

Madison Kocian

Evgenia Shelgunova

Anastasia Sidorova

Ericha Fassbender

Elizabeth Price


  1. Thanks for putting all these vids in one place!

  2. as much as i admire kyla ross's steadiness, decent form and technique, she desperately needs a signature move high in difficulty to make a dent in the senior ranks; carly would not have won olympic gold without her (stuck) patterson dismount off beam.

    valeri liukin certainly has a reputation for maintaining exceptional competitive juniors (with elite standards of difficulty) well beyond the usual peak year of 16 (nastia and rebecca bross, for example); i get the same feeling about ohashi (her build, however, reminds me of peng peng lee and monica shoji, pre-injury, not to jinx her). longevity is becoming more commonplace, since the (unfortunate) age restriction went into effect after Atlanta.

  3. So are Anastasia and Kristina sisters, or just a coincidence that they have the same last name?

    As much as I love memmel I think she has been completely outclassed by the many pixies (US, Russian and Chinese) who do a better job on the Memmel turn than she.

    Ohashi has me a little bit nervous with her full ins, she needs to work on getting more height on that skill for beam and floor. I love her mount sequence, I'm a sucker for anyone who shows an ounce of originality and artistry.

    I regret calling Grishina's work a splatfest, she had some falls but everything else was high quality.

  4. Aww I forgot about Monica Shoji. I really liked her and had high hopes for her.

    Sounds weird to judge Ohashi's physic so much, but she kind of almost has little hips already, which may actually benefit her in the future or they'll just continue to get bigger and bigger.

  5. Shoji was always injured, sadly.

    I agree about Ross. She's consistent, nice form, but nothing else really stands out besides that.

  6. Who is this Elizabeth Price person, and how did she seem so calm up on the beam? I don't remember hearing anything about her before, well, now.