Sunday, March 13, 2011

This and That

The Gym Dogs had a ridiculous score going until they imploded on beam and had to count two falls on Senior Night.  It isn't uncommon for things to get hairy on senior night when seniors are emotional and lineups are changed; however, the Gym Dogs didn't really switch up their lineups as their seniors have competed the same events all year long.  It was a rough loss for the team.  The bright spots are there, but there is much to be concerned about.

Who is Johnny Weir?

The Kerrs are out of Worlds (should they even take place) as Sinead has re-injured her shoulder.

Cottbus Results (EF Day 1)

News of Cottbus Day 1

Cottbus and Gymnix Videos after the jump!

Rings and Uneven Bars

Oksana Chusovitina

Yekaterina Kurbatova

Philipp Boy

Yao Jinnan

Tan Sixin


Victoria Moors

Sabrina Gill

Natalie Vaculik


  1. Shoot about the Kerrs. I really enjoy them. I hope she can rehab her shoulder enough to compete next season; otherwise, they'll make TERRIFIC show skaters!

  2. That 10.0 for McComb is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. Too many errors to name in that vault, but the most obvious is the landing.

    Do you think UGA will eventually get it together under Jay or will it take a new head coach from outside the "system"?

  3. I don't know if you're referencing just the one judge that did give McComb a 10.0, but overall she actually got a 9.975. Definitely still too high, but I wouldn't say there were "too many errors to name" in her vault. It was a nice vault, just not 9.975 nice.

  4. Philipp Boy is Beautiful! Mmmmm I could watch that all day... :)

  5. I wonder if Jay's coaching style isn't a good fit for head coach? The beam meltdown Saturday maybe a good example of not stepping up to the smoke before the fire hit again. It was a shocker to see. Plus the ongoing inconsistency has been such a habit.

  6. Anon @ 1:51 - I meant the one 10. If that were an elite vault, there are many deductions the judges would take. For NCAA, I'd score that vault at a good 9.85... or 9.9 if you wanted to be generous. Definitely take a 0.05 for the shuffled landing and 0.05 for postflight body form. I'm not sure NCAA judges even take preflight deductions.

  7. Best part of the Johnny article: "...television channels battled for rights to his reality show -- "Be Good Johnny Weir". (Spoiler warning –- he wasn’t.)"