Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This and That

The Chinese Team is preparing for the Paris World Cup and is working on upgrading new skills for London.  Check out Deng Linlin's Layout Full+Korbut.  He Kexin is working on creating her own skill and Huang Qiushuang hopes to master an Amanar.

Kristi Yamaguchi's appearance on TODAY.

Ryan Bradley says he is ready if Worlds are rescheduled.

Marlie's thoughts on Worlds.

Evan Lysacek won the Sullivan Award.

Faiella and Scali officially retire.

DWTS Clips:

Peng Peng Lee's floor routine in the AA at Gymnix.


  1. So why is he kexin working on a 720 degree Healy? a 360 is already an E and pirouettes cant be rated higher than that (ie. the Huang)

  2. DLL's full looks so nice! I wonder how consistently she's been hitting it.

  3. Is Peng Peng Lee in the running for Canada's World team this year?

  4. lysaceks olympic program was garbage his win was garbage and anything he wins because of that is also garbage and undeserved- his win was the worst ever and even though you will have those morons who says the system changes after every olympics the ISU changes to mens would have made his chances of winning like zero against what Plushenko did. His win was trash he didn't deserve american olympian of the year and he didn't deserve the sullivan award. his olympic gold is garbage and totally undeserved and will always be a black mark on skating and a total shame and disgrace

  5. Agreed on Lysacek's win, but for different reasons.
    So..the point values were adjusted, and now the US has Ryan Bradley as Men's champ.
    He's even more embarassing than Evan.

  6. to the two anons above: why do you have to be so hateful? perhaps you do have some really outstanding credentials but i highly doubt that you ever reached any level of success that evan or even ryan bradley have achieved and i really do not think it is your place to go around bashing them and their accomplishments. i am sorry you never amounted to much, but i for one am impressed by their abilities.

    On another note, the push-ups that the chinese gymnast is doing at the beginning of that video are insane! tried them - near impossible.

  7. Even though HKX has olympic gold, she would still like the accomplishment of her own skill which is probably why she wants to compete it despite the cap on non-acro skills on bars

  8. That first Chinese male gymnast they interviewed was kinda cute...what's his name?

  9. I wouldn't put too much into the sullivan award. Did you see the names on the list. Unfortunately Evan was the only recognizable person so I knew he was going to win. Those others probably deserved it just as much but who's name is recognizable...Evan.

    Evan's okay but just like Sarah and even Tara I don't really recognize them as these great skaters. Good competitors...that's all I can say.