Sunday, March 27, 2011

This and That

The Soviet Sports Machine is back in action.  Vladimir Putin felt that paying a visit to Tamara Moskvina and her students was of the utmost importance.  Granted, I certainly feel that way as well, but I'm not leading a world power.

NY Times Feature on Alissa Czisny.

A story about Rachael Flatt where the delusional Tom Z proclaims that the judges have told him that Rachael has 'the best short program in the world.'

Gregory and Pethukhov Interview

Texas held the Level 9 and 10 State Championships this weekend.  Note that the coaches who left Texas Dreams for Metroplex kicked some Zmeskal Texas Dreams ass like it was Barcelona all over again!

Samantha Ogden of Metroplex with Junior A

Haylee Roe of Metroplex won Junior B

Emily Howe finished second.

Ciara Gardner of WOGA won Junior C

Emily Schein tied for fourth.

Dana Ho of WOGA won Senior A

Rachel Spicer of Metroplex swept all titles in Senior B

Lloimincia Hall of Texas Dreams won Senior C


  1. I miss the interesting woga floor routines from back in the day.

  2. Margaret Thatcher never forgets that it was the jealous establishment who brought down Zmeskal in Barcelona. I will remember your joke when Kimbo eventually succeeds Martha as national team coordinator.

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  4. Has anyone noticed that the guy who plays Toby on "The Office" looks a lot like Tom Z?

  5. Re the judges telling Tom Z that R short is "the best in the world": what are they smoking, and where can I get some? I mean, if that's what I need to make watching her short enjoyable...

    I would support Kim Z becoming National Team Coordinator as long as she does not encourage Geza to become the official choreographer of USA Gymnastics. BTW, what's the story with Texas Dreams and Metroplex? Is there some sort of weird feud between the two gyms?

  6. Kim hasn't accomplished anything as a coach to warrant being National Team Coordinator.

  7. Oh my god, best short program. Obviously he is doing everything to keep her skating.

  8. Ever since Gymnastike changed the format of their videos or whatever, they don't work for me on Firefox. I just see white screen. UGH. Fix this Gymnastike!!!

  9. I don't see how Metroplex kicked Texas Dreams's ass when aside from Rachael Spicer, they don't seem to be better than Texas Dreams in anything.

    To the person who wants to see interesting WOGA floor routines. Watch the winner of Level 9 Junior A from WOGA... Great, interesting routine.

  10. In other news - the Couch Gymnast reports that Catalina Ponor is attempting another comeback!!!!!!!!!

  11. I had heard that about Ponor months ago, but she shot down the rumor and said it wasn't true. Perhaps she changed her mind?

  12. I actually agree Flatt has the best short program in the world. It would look better on other skaters, but the program itself is the best in the world, which isn't saying much because the rest of the Ladies SPs haven't been great this season. But I do think the program is strong.

    Do the judges really make comments like that to the coaches anyway? Really, they shouldn't be saying any bold statements like that.

  13. Yeah, I agree with the post above that Flatt's actual program (music and choreography) is probably one of the top in the world, but unfortunately, her skating doesn't accentuate that.

  14. “has the best short program in the world,” according to Zakrajsek.
    as compared to what other SPs specifically??? Within the Broadmoor bunch???
    But I do agree that it's a thousand times better than her former one.

  15. Rachael's short was the best in the world - when Kwan skated to that music. Get that soccer mom looking child off the ice!

    And yes, Tom Z does look like Toby Flenderson.