Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This and That

The Crimson Tide's road trip to Birmingham

Shawn Sawyer has decided to parlay his success at Canadian Nationals into a full cast member stint on the Canadian Stars On Ice Tour, which allows Kevin Reynolds to compete at Worlds in his place.  Shawn loves show skating and did say that his focus would be on the audience this season.  If only the USFSA would collaborate with IMG and get Ryan Bradley to skip Worlds for SOI...

Amelie Lacoste will also replace an injured Myriane Samson.

Nastia Liukin Interview    Note that Blythe doesn't take out any of the 'ums' of those she is interviewing.  It is by the book, but it just isn't pleasant to read.

Johnny Weir is ensuring future commercial success in Japan by paying his dues and selling Japan Relief T-Shirts.

Kevin Tan officially retired from competitive gymnastics.

Brainstorm with Cassidy McComb.

Interview with Doug McGavin

Mike Catherwood and Lacey Schwimmer were eliminated on DWTS.  Good riddance!

Jeremy Abbott was added to the cast of Proud Nation in Simsbury, CT on April 8.  Dorothy Hamill and Michael Buckley will host the event.


  1. Reading Nastia's incessant stream of "like-totally-OMG" was torture. Girlfriend needs to take a crash course in public speaking and cut out the Valley Girl drivel, stat. That's pretty embarrassing speech for a 21-year-old professional.

  2. it reads really bad, but most people talk like that when they're not reading from a prepared speach. try reading the transcipts of some depositions

  3. She can't continue talking that way. That's annoying to anyone's ears. Her agent has to do something about that.

  4. seriously though, record yourself talking at some point and then type it out word for word. there will be a lot more likes, you knows and ums than you think. we all talk like that.

    i bet if you heard this same interview live, you wouldnt even notice, it just stands out more in print.

  5. Exactly. Nastia isn't a "professional" public speaker. She's doing an interview at a gymnastics meet. And most people's normal speech is not flawless. Most people say "you know" and "um" sometimes.

  6. I don't think skating officials should be telling anyone what to do. Skate Canada has not exactly treated Shawn Sawyer great during his long career.

    Lacey is such a mess. Girl needs a makeover and some lessons on class during her time off from DWTS.

  7. The Nastia interview was painful, but at the same time, Blythe managed to let her reveal some interesting tidbits about the plan. I don't think she's doing anything other than conditioning, and her comments about being a weak gymnast are really telling. I had no idea that 2009 Nats were hard on her, so that was a nice reveal. She's been promoting Ohashi for quite some time, which always rubs me the wrong way. I would imagine that she'd be promoting HERSELF if she was actually making a comeback. You don't see Shawn J or Chellsie or A-Sac talking about how awesome their teammates are, how skilled they are, etc., unless they are specifically asked.

  8. Maybe it's because they don't train with someone as talented as Ohashi? And Nastia was saying she was a bit envious of Lizzie and Katelyn since they're a point where of their lives when gymnastics isn't a struggle for them the way it is for her.

    I wonder where Valeri and Nastia found a gym in Moscow to train in, didn't they used to spend their Christmases in Russia?

  9. around 0:47 in the Bama video is the most epic shot ever!!! Nice to see them smiling together. Wonder how often that happens.

  10. @MsJess-didn't they spend orthodox xmas in russia- which is a few weeks after and besides I doubt they would have a hard time finding a training gym there..