Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jesolo Training Videos

Many more posts are on the way.  I've been working on my days off.  Apologies.

Douglas won the camp for the seniors (Raisman and Wieber didn't have to verify based on their performances at the American Cup.)  Kyla Ross vaulted an Amanar and finished first in the juniors.  Katelyn Ohashi was second and Madison Kocian was third.


  1. I think I have to have my eyes checked. Front aerial to back full! holy cow.

  2. @8:55 I pretty much had the same reaction...I said "Whoa" out loud! She's solid on it too!

  3. Ross has a 6.0 SV with several piked stalders so that bodes well for her prospects but she'd need to get that up to 6.5-7.0 to be more competitive, the US just badly needs better bar workers.

  4. That's really a 6.0? I feel like Bross's set is so much harder (two releases, several piruoetting elements) yet only starts out of a 6.2 I believe?

  5. Does anybody know or can anybody figure out what Douglas' D-score is on that beam routine? I need to learn how to figure out D-scores myself but I am only moderately knowledgeable about gymnastics.

  6. This is from someone on the IG Message Board

    Front aerial (D) + back full (F) 0.2
    sheep jump (D) + back pike (C) 0.1
    Switch 1/2 (D) [and it looked pretty good from the side!] + back tuck (C) 0.1
    Front pike (E)
    split jump + sissone [again, looked good to me], full turn
    switch ring (E) [this one looked questionable]
    bhs + bhs + double pike (E) 0.2

    1F + 3E + 3D + 1C = (0.6 + 1.5 + 1.2 + .3 = 3.6) + 2.5 + 0.6 = 6.7?

  7. I have Gabby at a 6.8 becuase according to gymastands (which might be out of date) you get .2 for a C+D or D+D acro/dance combo.

    And I think it's absolute horsehit that you can't get more combo bonus for D+F. You can get .2 for a B+F combo. A D+F should get .3 or so to legitmatly award that level of difficulty.

    Also we don't know what Gabby's doing as a mount but I'm going to hope she's still doing lovely press handstand to split and didn't start doing some boring jump on to beam.

  8. That is out of date, MsJess.

    Now D+D acro only gets .1 unless it's rebounding.

    And acro dance was always 0.1.

    Anon 1:02 PM is correct, it's 6.7.

  9. sam peszek use to do a front aerial + back full + back pike way back when. there's a video of her doing it on youtube.

  10. Yeah, but Peszek has the lines of a dumptruck.