Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This and That

Jordyn Wieber interview.  Sadly, Kristal Uzelac has more charisma.  Watching her speak is about as exciting as working on an assembly line.  You either have star quality, or you don't...

Live Stream of Junior Worlds (PC/IE only)

Scott Hamilton will appear on The Today Show tomorrow morning to reflect on 25 years of Stars On Ice.  Sadly, that means less time to 'win' with Charlie Sheen :(

Ana Porgras announced she is not ready for all around competition, but is going to use upcoming World Cups (Cottbus and Paris) to warm up for Europeans.  Sandra Izbasa, Diana Chelaru and Amelia Racea are also also slated for Cottbus, March 11-13.  Porgras, Izbasa and Chelaru will compete in Paris, March 19-20, along with Aliya Mustafina, Tatiana Nabieva, Anna Dementyeva, He Kexin, Sui Lu, Huang Qiushuang, and Deng Linlin.  As with all World Cups, the rosters will likely change at the last moment.

The Romanians are upgrading like mad in order to get back on the podium.  The Olympic Training Squad has left Deva and now trains at the Izvorani Center--15 minutes outside of Bucharest.

Miyabi Oba and Risa Shoji went 1-2 in qualifying at Jr Worlds.  Keiji Tanaka won Jr Men's qualifying.  Artur Dmitriev Jr was third in Jr Men after the heel of his boot came apart.

DWTS Cast Q+A at the Press Conference (This season is going to be wildly entertaining.  As for any good dancing being on the way, we'll have to wait and see.)

Cheryl Burke on Nate Berkus

One American father is living the dream and took his two sons to train in China at one of their gymnastics schools.  Unfortunately, they only stayed for 10 days.  I would want my adopted daughters training there a minimum of three months a year.  The emphasis on basics is outstanding and clearly pays off later on.


  1. Is it just me, or maybe the camera, but is there something weird about Weiber's nose?

  2. It is definitely crooked and one nostril is lower than the other. It looks like she's crashed into a few low bars in her day.

  3. omg, you mean Wieber's face is not perfectly symmetrical?! As if you need to crash into the uneven bars to get a non-perfectly shaped nose :/ Come on people.

  4. i think wieber is just trying to be modest, and anne is kind of awkward anyways so im sure she doesn't feel comfortable really opening up.

  5. LOl weiber is no perfect bubbly cute little shawn johnson....but she is good.