Monday, March 21, 2011

This and That

Sean 'Ginger Jackson' Rabbitt is putting together a show to benefit Japanese Tsunami/Earthquake relief efforts.  Everyone's favorite red-headed Jewish boy is putting together Skaters Care on April 3rd in Ontario, CA.  Skaters are continually being added to the cast.  The current cast includes:
Sean Rabbitt, Derrick Delmore, Lindsay Davis and Themi Leftharis, Courtney Hicks, Elle Kawamura, Vanessa Lam, Bebe Liang and Braden Overett, Parker Pennington, Doug Razzano and Caroline Zhang.

Check out the event website for more details.

Yu-Na Kim returns to Korea (with video.)  The question is whether or not she will compete at Worlds now that she has a hefty schedule of professional conflicts.  She has a show in Korea in early May.  They could always reschedule Festa On Ice, but her true desire to compete could be tested.  Korea is also supposed to hold a skating reality show that may or may not involve her.

2011 Worlds Updates:

Worlds location will be announced on Friday.

Worlds will be in North America or Europe.

Ottavio is very concerned with not pissing off Japan, as the country provides much of the TV rights $$$ in the modern era of the sport he has done his best to ruin:

``We cannot do the event in China or Taiwan or (South) Korea,'' Cinquanta said.  ``It would be a slap in the face to the Japanese.''

Random Jesolo Vids

Yekaterina Kurbatova

Aly Raisman

Amanda Jetter

Bridgey Caquatto

Gabby Douglas

Jordyn Wieber

Yulia Belokobylskaya

March Moscow Championships

Nailya Mustafina

Anastasia Belova

Alla Sosnitskaya

Kira Spravtseva


  1. Ottavio Cinquanta is the absolute worst.

  2. Oh, Naliya Mustafina is still competing. I thought she had retired.

    Somebody needs to get Gabrielle Douglas to Valeri Liukin or Kelli Hill now. Girl can swing some bars and the height on her Tkatchev! I mean, it's all in seeing if Chow can coach bars and Shawn's weakness was what held her back on the event, but still.

  3. left back outside loopMarch 21, 2011 at 7:32 PM

    I heard that Ottavio has run for his position unopposed each term. Is this true? and is it such a lousy position that no one else wants it?

  4. The US girls were practicing obnoxiously close to the beam. I would've messed up when Gabby did too. It happened right as Jordyn put her arms out to the side. A big reason why I like podium meets better.

  5. Cinquanta is kissing the butt of the JSF.
    That's all he does.
    This is about MONEY.
    Shame on you Speedy.

  6. Speed¥ loves J$F, Obviously.
    Does the J$F want a Team Event on the program at the 2014 Winter Games?

  7. I don't get why aly raisman only does a full turn in her floor routine yet in her beam routine she at least does it with her leg held up?

  8. Maybe it doesn't affect her start value, so she just does the simpler turn?

  9. Aw, that last Russian baby did Mustafina's belly spin :)