Sunday, March 13, 2011

This and That

Tanith Belbin's take on the six Michigan-trained ice dance teams.

The US Teams for Jesolo were announced.

Seniors: Caquatto, Douglas, Jetter, Maroney, Raisman, Vega and Wieber.

Juniors: Fassbender, Finnegan, Kocian, Ohashi, Price, Priessman and Ross.

Shawn tweeted about having a rough go during camp in terms of workouts.  Shawn is well aware that the National Staff expects that she has her ass in gear by the next camp:

 Shawn Johnson 

6 down... 2 to go... today was rough :( hoping tomorrow goes better!! Will be home in a little over 24 hours... yaayyy

 Shawn Johnson 

Have exactly one month to buckle down, shape up, and get those routines together! Martha.... I won't let you down :)

In addition to any routine issues, Shawn's fitness level doesn't seem to have improved.  She was looking for a nutritionist but then decided against it.  Based on the video of Shawn on bars at the American Cup, her fitness level looks like it may have hit a rough patch.

Peggy Fleming Feature

Frank Carroll's road to gold.

Pechalat and Bourzat plan on giving all they at Worlds (as though they would purposely hold back...) in order to be beacons of light for the Japanese people.  It is a bit much to hear skaters say things like this because it is becoming increasingly clear that it only is a matter of time until the ISU postpones, cancels or moves the event.  Even the ISU World Team Trophy may be too soon to hold an event in Japan.  The latest sounds like postponement is inevitable at the very least.   Earlier today, the German Skating Federation withdrew from the World Championships.  Moving the event and holding it as quickly as possible would likely be the best solution, as the athletes have been training to peak at this very moment. Japan should be granted the next open Worlds that are up for bidding.

The ISU is expected to make an announcement Monday.

Gymnix Videos

Natalie Vaculik

Sabrina Gill

Victoria Moors

Peng Peng Lee

Madeline Gardiner


  1. To be fair, P/B were probably interviewed well before it was certain that Worlds will need to be postponed/canceled, and wanted to say what they could to be supportive of the Japanese people and their Japanese fans. Anyway, the part about their partnership is far more interesting than the beginning of the interview.

  2. I get more and more skeptical of shawns comeback everytime I get an update.

  3. I think it's still very early in Shawn's comeback process. It's only March and she really doesn't need to be in great shape until the summer. Whether or not she gets invited to camp is irrelevant if she can do the routines come summer.

    I feel awful for Japan, but the ISU needs to get it together and figure out how to hold Worlds sometime soon. The skaters have prepared so hard for this great moment and it would be a disservice to so many to not hold the event.

  4. Didn't Shawn recently have another knee surgery? Even if it was minor, it's silly to expect her to be routine ready right now.

  5. i'm surprised how quiet everyone's been on this blog about holding worlds. i understand there's a lot to it, but in the spirit of skater's toughness finding a way to proceed with the event is the way to go. hopefully even in japan. an event like this could help everyone take a break from their sorrow for a few moments.

  6. I think that given the level of devestation going on in the country ( it would be selfish to expect them to be able to hold an international sporting event so soon after

  7. its only march? it would be silly to expect her shawn to have routines ready so soon? I doesnt matter if she's invitd to camp? really people? I want shawn to succeed too, but the clock IS ticking. And camp is not irrelevant. camp is where you show martha you're a good little team player.

  8. I wouldn't want to have hundreds of people coming to Japan not knowing what could happen. Hopefully they can have it in a different country/location but if not I would understand.

  9. Should have had a plan b in place for Worlds, all sports should... Just as they have back-up venues at the Olympics...just sayin'. This would avoid the delicate situation of holding the event in another country if guidelines say "if within X amount of time before Y event, a major event occurs in the host country, all parties have agreed to Z country/city/venue".

    Agree with anon @10:11am. Camp is important and Shawn's "stock" decreases in Marta's eyes whenever she puts herself in the same gym as Jordyn Weiber and other seniors and jrs that aren't struggling. Also, don't understand why SJ hasn't hired a nutritionist and trainer. She doesn't just have to get fit at Chows, there's other ways. Sacramone mentioned a fitness class she's doing/was doing in Colorado that helped her get so fit, even saying that her couch asked what she was doing outside of the gym that was helping her get that way.

    SJ is running out of time and excuses.

    Appears that Mattie Larson's stock plummeted post-Worlds 2010.

  10. Shawn does have a trainer and goes to Yoga, dance, Pilates and kick boxing classes outside of going to chows. Shes doing way more than just gymnastics workouts. She just doesn't have a dietitian for whatever reason, but I'm not sure its that horrible of a choice. Just from looking at her she has lost weight since last camp.

    And if even though she did so horribly at the last camp they still "rewarded" her with most improved gymnast this weekend.

  11. having the knee screwed up...that's not in her control. Getting older and having a different height that is not in her control. but the Bristol Palin freshman fifteen? no motherfucking excuse.

  12. Uh, the girl has clearly lost weight even since last camp. Just looking at pictures its clear she lost weight since January. She seems to be losing weight healthily which means not an elite diet. I think she still needs to adjust to not being able to eat all the things she did the last go around, since she seemed to eat a healthy diet back the.

  13. Perhaps Marta wants to send Shawn to a competition or something so she wants everything ready to go in one month - regardless of knee surgery or anything else (and really weight can't be an issue Marta sent Kayla Williams to worlds after all) the Olympics is only about 18 months away there's very limited time for her to prove herself on the world stage again.

  14. I think Shawn is probably putting more pressure on herself than Marta ever could shes done this shes serious, It's Marta's job to push it and give Shawn something to strive for. Play time is over ladies less than 18 months from London....seriously shes lost a ton of weight she looks awesome, I think its repitition and quality. Curious as to why Chellsie Memmel is avoiding camp if she's serious

  15. In her recent training video on Universal Sports she certainly looks to be in much better shape than she was in just a month ago, so I'm not sure how necessary a dietician would be. Also she doesn't look that far off from landing the fulltwisting double layout on floor and I couldn't see how she landed the double double off bars.
    We'll see be I doubt she could have done THAT bad that they would send off someone training G skills on atleast two events and is a former Olympic champion because of a bad camp. Especially if they said she was the most improved gymnast of 2011.
    I think Aunt Joyce just has her knickers in a twist because Nastia didn't train that hard.

  16. its not like aj made up the tweets from shawn. so she's landed some skill, but has she acctually put them together in a routine?