Saturday, April 21, 2012

From Russia, With Love (Tri-Meet Results and Videos)

Komova in training.

Russia dominated the tri-meet as expected, though it was just a warmup for some of their girls who are not at full difficulty.  Grishina's falls on beam keep Dementyeva a viable Olympic candidate.  Sidorova only vaulted a Yurchenko Double Full, yet is expected to have an Amanar.  Paseka got a respectable vault score, but it won't be enough to combat Team USA in Team Finals...especially since the Russians tend to fall on occasion.  Grishina left out a bars transition and hit. Thank you to Lifeje for results:

Vault : 
Paseka 14.70 
Grishina 14.85
Mustafina 15.20
Sidorova 13.40
Dementeva 13.65

Bars :
Mustafina 15.30
Grishina 15.40
Dementyeva 14.30
Paseka 13.95
Komova 15.85

Beam : 
Mustafina 15.15
Grishina 13.80
Dementyeva 15.00
Sidorova 15.05
Komova 15.25

Floor : 
Mustafina 13.30
Grishina 13.65
Dementyeva 13.60
Sidorova 12.90
Paseka 12.15

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  1. Interesting stuff. Mustafina looked great on vault, bars and beam. Her DTY was huge but too sloppy to garner a 9.4 E-score. Floor was a mess, but she obviously needs more time. Her triple at the end was both scarily underotated and gross. It's actually worse than Ponor's. Overall, she looks fab. considering what has happened. She is ready to go on 2 events and I suspect she will be chucking Amanar's by London.

    Komova looked awesome except for the giant 1/2 pirouette on bars that is going to cost her .3 every time.

    Paseka-who will the Russians leave home to take her potential Amanar and will it be worth it?

    Grishina- easing up on her difficulty seems to be helping but she can't hit 4 events. That is a scary factor heading into summer.

    Demy-I don't see it happening without someone getting injured.

    Sidorova-doesn't look capable of an Amanar, but neither did JYY so who knows. Great beam. Could be a dark horse.

    Team as of now: Afan, Musty, Vika, Sidorova, Grishina

  2. Sidorova is getting back from injury which may be why her vault doesn't look so great. Her and Paseka have reportedly done it in the past. I think they can come close to the US on vault. Mustafina's vault looks great and as for Komova she said pre minor surgery she was landing it an suspects to have it back in a month. That means they just need one more Amanar.

  3. What's with Komova? It doesn't even look like the person who competed at Worlds...has she grown? Maybe its the different hairdo. Weird.

  4. Komova grew and actually seems to have gained some muscle. She looks very promising.

  5. can u put some GBR vids on please ?