Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fabulous Russian Drama (Bolero)

Irina Perren and Peter Tchernyshev

God Bless Ilya Averbukh and all of his money for bringing us fantastic television! This is what happens when fierce anorexic ballerina bitches meet hot Russian skating hunks!

Sadly, if this show were to ever reach American airwaves, Sherri Shepherd would need to be playing the role of the 'ballerina.'

The Ballerina 'It Girl' and Maxim Staviski

Natalia Somova and Maxim Marinin

Vera Abruzova and Alexei Tikhonov

Natalia Osipova and Roman Kostomarov

The Champions: Kristina Kretova and Alexei Yagudin

Yulia Makhalina and Povilas Vanagas


  1. Love.

    My favorite dance of the lovely Somova and Marinin was this fierce tango. Maxim really took on the role of male tango partner beautifully.

    And let's not forget Perren/Chernyshev:

    And their hot dance around a bar:

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I meant to write "And let's not forget Perren/Chernyshev's FLAMENCO"