Monday, April 30, 2012

This and That

Evan Lysacek's Performance at Stockholm Ice... Oddly, he seems a bit slow by his own standards.  It is nice to make a little money on one's diplomacy trip.

An interview with America's newest fake diplomat.  Try not to vomit during his programmed speech.

David Wilson will officially be choreography for Artur Gachinski and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.  He is a choreographer, not a miracle worker.  It will be interesting to see if her can get them to attain any extension while choreographing their programs.

Pasquale Carmerlengo is choreographing for Evgeny Plushenko.  It will be anyone's guess whether he will ditch the program like he did with Melissa and Denis' or just add all of his signature arm waving anyway.  Pasquale was actually denied a visa into Russia to work with Zhenya until Mishin intervened.

Keiffer Hubbell has teamed up with Anastasia Olson.  They will train at DSC.  Copely and Lichtman have officially split up.

The top pro skater on the planet:

Viktoria Helgesson

Kavaguti and Smirnov's Oche Chornye

Miki Ando's attempt at artistic drama.


  1. Evan looked a little slow on the recent Ice Chips show videos too. I'm sure he'll pick it up.

  2. He still looks strong and consistent. I'm just used to him flying across the ice with those enormous limbs.

  3. Evan still looks hot. Closeted, but yummy (and he knows it). Too bad his good looks won't help Greece's pathetic economy.

  4. "America's newest fake diplomat!" I couldn't love you more, AJ!

  5. "It is nice to make a little money on one's diplomacy trip." AJ, the Swedish Embassy announced that he skated in the show pro bono.

  6. Lysacek still skates fast. I saw him skate live at Ice Chips and he still moves fast, especially when performing The Climb. The Tango de Roxanne has many slower sections to the choreography that can give the illusion that he is skating slow. His jumps look solid & his interpretation of the music is better.

    FYI, Evan skated at Stockholm Ice pro bono.