Friday, April 6, 2012

The Dances of Dance Moms Season 2

Why Nia doesn't get to do the trio...

You know you watch.  How do you rank the girls?  Is Abby a bit more honest than she appears?

Which group dance is your favorite train wreck?

A Kiss From Jesus

Hurt Them First

TV showed Maddie being carried off, yet she finished the solo in real life.

Head Over Heels

A Child Is Born (Born to Dance) - Full Dance

Where Have All The Children Gone?  (With Kendall)


Justice's Solo.

Brooke Full Solo.

"My Kendall is a beautiful little dancer"

A victory for Paige.

Chloe's solo.


Nia needs to learn the ethnic dances.

Mackenzie Ziegler

La Divas



  1. I think Abby pretty much tells it like she sees it, and that usually she really is just telling the truth. She might play favorites a bit, but I don't think she does as much as the moms say she does, and certainly not as much as tv portrays it.

    As far as ranking goes, if I had to rank it, I think, at the end of the season, my rankings would be:

    1. Chloe - She really improved as the year went on, and found her stride. I think the ballet this summer will be amazing for her, and she'll come back light years better yet (that is, if she doesn't move on to bigger and better things).

    2. Maddie - Abby said it, and the Joffrey scouts saw it ~ Maddie's strength is in her projection. She's a good dancer, but she's not great unless she dances from the heart out. When she does, her solos are fantastic. When she doesn't, you can see that there is more room to grow. She's only nine and has time to improve. Hopefully she takes the advice from the Joffrey and works on fully extending and finishing each movement.

    3. Brooke - She's good, and she should be as the oldest. Her propensity towards tricks will make her a good fit for the Cirque, if she still wants to go that route after high school. There's something about her posture that strikes me as a bit less crisp than it could be.

    4. Paige - She's the most underrated dancer on the show. I hope next year she gets a bit more spotlight. I also hope she learns to do a press handstand without needing to use her feet.

    5. Nia - Abby's right that her weak spot is the technique on the harder skills. I think Nia is a physically strong dancer, and I wonder if sometimes she doesn't throw tricks using her strength to make them work in the place of fully refined technique. It would really help her timing if she could take the time to go through the proper technique for everything. Of all the dancers, I think Nia needs more ballet the most. It'd help her make use of all that talent.

    6. Mackenzie - She's still the baby of the group, but she has lots of potential. If she works hard over the next year, Nia might need to watch out for her.

    The biggest train wreck? By far the showgirl number. The jail number wouldn't have been so bad if the unison had been on.

  2. My issue with Abby is that there's telling it like it is and then there's being mentally unhinged and she's passed that line a lot. You can't choreograph something half-assedly give the kids 2-3 days to learn it and expect it to always beat kids who have been rehearsing their routines for weeks or months. And when the kids fail, of course it's their fault. All those head games do is just hurt the kids, and Maddie became a total headcase when she screwed up. That woman is a narcissistic, delusional nutbag. It makes for good tv but I doubt any of the kids are going to make a career out of dancing unless they change studios.

    I think the competition schedule is hurting their ability to develop good technique, extension, musicality. The joffery audition was a farce, who does acro, death drops and butt wiggles at a ballet audition? I was hoping some russian would rip them a new one but the auditioners were relatively tame. It's sad when Maddie can't hold a releve position because she's too busy learning new tricks.

    My favorite dancer is Chloe. Hopefully her time at the Joffery school (assuming that her acceptance wasn't just something made up for the cameras) will open her eyes to what real dance instruction could do for her technique.

    1. I'm secretly hoping that Chole's time at the ballet intensive will lead her elsewhere. Hopefully to a more professional (or pre-professional ballet studio) where she can develop her technique. Maddie too-she could be absolutely incredible if she took lessons somewhere that actually cared about technique and not just accumulating trophies. Although I read somewhere that they signed a contract for four seasons, so they may be locked in unless the show gets canceled-and let's face it, this show is too much of a train wreck to actually get canceled.

      That showgirls routine was completely unacceptable for these girls to be doing. I can't help but wonder if someone on the production team suggested it to Abby to do it for ratings and attention. These girls are talented and I hope they aren't ruined by their time at Abby Lee's studio and their time on this show.