Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stars on Ice Halifax

There are no words for this program or a tour that went from selling out MSG to crickets...

At least the Canadians still love it.  Seeing the tour last year was quite the shame-based experience.

Jo Ro... I think I have a camel toe and a yeast infection just looking at this costume.

Weaver and Poje- Florence and the Machine!

Shawn Sawyer

Jeremy Abbot...don't look down!

Adele Trio

Voir being Whitebread...again!

Why skating shows are outdated...

Drag Race

I'd pay to see this if I didn't have to sit through the rest of the crap.

Still the best!



  1. Not all Canadians love Stars on Ice. I gave up going years ago when I paid a lot of money to see what was basically a very boring show. I now go only to competitions, where skaters have to put everything out there. Ice shows are crap, even most of the Galas after competitions.

  2. My comment meant that they still get big crowds in Canada. Barely anyone goes in the US and the number of shows shrinks every year.

  3. Do Voir just try to be painfully boring and un-creative? It pains me to say this because I love their skating and still believe their Mahler program to be one of the greatest things to ever happen on Olympic ice, but.... all their exhbition numbers look the same with some variations in lifts and exits. At least Weaver and Poje tried to do something different.

    1. I feel bad for them, no matter what they do people are always going to complain about how boring they are. How was this boring? They were acting out a scene from Up and skating to Hallelujah. Even their latin FD people still had something to complain. I mean come on just give them a break already.

    2. Totally agree but people will continue to parrot the anti-Voir agenda. All they can do is romance apparently - Pink Floyd, a Latin FD and disco seem all to fit into that category according to some people. There's a certain school of thought in skating fandom that if enough people say something over and over again then it's true.

    3. I did not say that they can only do romance. I was speaking of their recent EXHIBITION numbers, which yes, are set to different music, but are very similar in terms of overall mood. I am very well aware that they are capable of different things, which is why it would be nice if they could they should show that at shows and galas.

  4. JoRo's outfit is a lot better than Ms. Weir's
    versions(could make him look more masculine)
    (NOT saying that this makes JoRo look
    masculine- AT ALL!)