Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reliving Nagano- Part 2

A great fluff on creating a program with Sandra Bezic and even better---an interview with Michael Rosenberg on the role and importance of having a strong Jewish agent.  Several skates: Kwan, Lipinski, Bobek, Bonaly, Urmanov, Stojko, Yamaguchi, Hamill, Fleming, etc are discussed.  It is food for thought with skating's sister sport taking center stage this summer.  Of course, Roz notes that there has been nothing sacred since Sarejevo.

Nicole Bobek supposedly injured herself on her final jump of her '98 Nationals long program.  In true Bobek fashion, she whereabouts where a mystery heading into Nagano as she didn't return to Lake Arrowhead.  It was wonderful for marketers, reporters and agents that Bobek made the team, but the skeptical ex coaches wound up being right about the lack of discipline catching up to her.  In her case, it arguable caused her she was cramming as usual before Nationals.  Bobek out-jumped almost everyone in the practice sessions in Philadelphia and wound up injuring her hip by the end of the week.  Ironically, the only clean triple she landed in Nagano was her nemesis...the Triple Loop.  One can count on one hand the number of times she actually went for a Triple Loop and landed it cleanly.  Good or bad, Nicole always made it interesting.  That is why she was a star.

Elena Sokolova (Note that Bobek only arrived 35 minutes before her warm up.)

The Human Zamboni's return to the Olympics

Growing Pains:

Shizuka Arakawa

The Nightmare Continued


  1. I love when Rosenberg says that 80 percent of all the money to be made in skating is in the U.S. and Canada. I wonder what that percentage is today.

  2. whats even better is the recently posted clip where ROZ interviews Jean Senft. She changes the subject and asked why she was deducted so much for her missed double axel in 1984. The judge was like "WTF? I don't know..that was 84!"