Sunday, April 22, 2012

NCAA EFs - Semi-Awake Live Blog!

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Kittens it's hangover day! Grab a mimosa and curl up with moi, Catty Comments, as we recover from the Supah Six afterglow with a nice slow, long, event finals.

Apparently ESPN3 heard my bitching yesterday since they're live-streaming the entirety of the intros on the dot of 10am. Thank you! Prrrrrrr....

10:12am left-of-center coast time - How slow will this brunch be? Even the national anthem, while gorgeous, is dipping beneath reverential into dirge-time.

10:15am - as we warm up. Do the trio not care about this competition? ESPN3 - please allow Catty to do live commentary next year at the UCLA!

10:16am - someday we'll get off the skycam so I can give you some quality leo bitching.

10:17 - WE HAVE TRIO! Suzanne, let loose and let that catty inner voice out. J'adore!

10:18 - Suzanne gets a credit this morning! She is, appropriately, "Legendary Coach." Suzanne for NTC! Even with that crazy shirt pattern - it's black & white with light brown accents and sways from stylized tiger stripe to stylized cheetah spots.

10:20 - Vault is starting, with Rheagan Courville with extra high crazy hair today to match the crazy yellow flame on her leo. 1st vault fty, piked, step forward and just kind of funky. But hey, she didn't get lost in the air this time! Good for her!

10:21 - Now comes the cray-cray 2nd vault - she gets lost in the air at Regionals on an fty, so now she's chucking a y1.5! Or not - it's a layout y! Suzanne praises the decision.

10:22 - Zam bars!!! Doing another handstand clinic! Step forward on the double layout dismount, which was accidentally flung out instead of floated up.

10:23 - Lindsey Cheek vault for Georgia. With a Georgia leo with black blingy torso and... hmmm... is that a metallic taupe arms? Lovely fty stuck cold, and now seeing the diamond back with a giant red "G" on the back. Let's see what she chucks for vault 2...

10:26 - And a barely tucked fty is the 2nd vault - funky form, and a step. Brie Olson now on bars - adoring her toepoint, and love her high Deltchev. Good full-twist double layout dismount - looks like it may have been slightly tucked.

10:28 - Gutierrez on vault for Bama, and this leo is cray-cray up close. Black bottom, black netting on top, then a Bama houndstooth ribbon swirl above the boobs, and teeny-tiny glitter ribbons on the netting. It's designed as a pink meet leo, but the pink missed the train. OH SHIT ITS A TORNADO RELIEF LEO! With the commemorative date in glitter on the back. So for tornado relief it's a houndstooth ribbon? And future statue Sara is wearing sleeveless t-back houndstooth to match.

10:31 - Courtney on bars for UCLA. Clean, short, wearing the same deep navy vegas leo Zam & EHH appear to be wearing.

10:34 - Delaney vaulted fty & lay y for Utah. Ding on bars now! Full pirouette to huge Tkachev, then huge Pak, stuck the double layout dismount absolutely COLD. She wanted this baaaaaad since she had to rest yesterday.

10:35 - Marissa King for FUCKING BLUE! in fucking blue with cool white stripes on the upper back. Florida gymnasts must have an amazing collection of clear bra straps for all of these complicated leo backs.

10:37 - Ding goes 10! as Bart forgets about Kupets' EF 10. But it's not a 10 - it's apparently a 9.987524713 as we re-watch the routine. Because 4 10s & 2 9.95s = gobbeldy-muck. HOW DOES MATH WORK?!

10:45 - the trio are riffing about 2 different vaults, and KJ starts whining about "back in myyyyy day we had to do 2 different entry vaults!" Bitch, you never competed NCAA. It's been like that for awhile in elite, and you never had to deal with the different post-flight requirement.

10:47 - Giblin of Nebraska in a nice red leo, sticks her fty and then almost sticks a tucked fty.

10:48 - Caquatti time! Perfect routine except a step on the landing. Love her complicated up-do into the messy ponytail. GO TOTAL UPDO LIKE VERA CASLAVSKA! AND PLATINUM BLONDE!

10:51 - Kat Ding does fty & tucked fty, both with a small step. Sami Shapiro NAILS bars for Stanford, including an absolutely stuck tucked full-in dismount. I call 9.9743792!

10:54 - Ding is now leading vault AND bars! And Georgia Dabritz nails 2 ftys! Laidout! The same vault! Now Gerber on bars - gorgeous routine, then slung the Fontaine dismount and takes a large step back. WE'LL MISS YOU AISHA! Sadness.

10:57 - Millner starts with a crappy fty, then rocks her y1.5 but with bent legs. Meh. And now Alaina Johnson has a disaster on her Ray & extra swing in her bars routine. She even craps her double layout to a squat.

10:59 - Hunter of FUCKING BLUE! absolutely nails her y1.5 - the vault she wanted to do yesterday. Her 2nd vault is fty - way over-powered, large step back. Kytra, remember your dty? That would've been a better choice.

11:03 - and your vault champion is Kytra Hunter! Possibly! Yes!

1Kytra HunterUniversity of Florida9.8750
2Diandra MillinerUniversity of Alabama9.8250
3Kat DingUniversity of Georgia9.8125
4Marissa GutierrezUniversity of Alabama9.8063
5Marissa KingUniversity of Florida9.7875
6Janelle GiblinUniversity of Nebraska9.7625
7Lindsey CheekUniversity of Georgia9.7313
7Rheagan CourvilleLouisiana State University9.7313
9Kailah DelaneyUniversity of Utah9.7000
10Georgia DabritzUniversity of Utah8.7938

King gets hurt by going earlier - I would've placed her at least 2nd or 3rd. With no fty to boot!

Ding wins bars! Shapiro is robbed with a 9.9!

1Kat DingUniversity of Georgia9.9875
2Sami ShapiroStanford University9.9000
3Olivia CourtneyUniversity of California Los Angeles9.8875
4Brie OlsonUniversity of Oklahoma9.8750
5Vanessa ZamarripaUniversity of California Los Angeles9.8500
6Aisha GerberUniversity of California Los Angeles9.8250
6Mackenzie CaquattoUniversity of Florida9.8250
8Alaina JohnsonUniversity of Florida9.4875

11:08 - Stone on beam from Oklahoma as I'm amazed - we're already half-way through EFs after under an hour! Sip your mimosas QUICKER!

11:10 - Fergie on fx from Oklahoma. She's a graduating senior and still looks 13. Her teammates inexplicably call her "Mama Bear" because apparently they have no eyes. She nails the adorable routine, and I'll absolutely miss her next season.

11:12 - Bart's been hitting the mimosas as he calls Sam "Suzanne Pezsek". She rocks the standing full, covers an off-balance afterwards, then covers a bobble on the full turn with an extra 1/2 turn as she sticks the dismount. She breathes & hams a sigh of relief afterward. She is so LA I can't imagine her going to school anywhere else.

11:14 - GAY TECHNO TIME with Kytra Hunter. She nails the routine and once again wishes she had done that routine yesterday. That's the routine to beat.

11:16 - Grable of Arkansas on beam in a lovely red leo that demonstrates somewhere, somehow the HOGS have leos with no pigs, or writing of pics, or pig symbology on the boobies. Thank you! Rene's 5" black cage heels are enough of a spectacle.

11:18 - sadly, Updike of Missouri bombs her first HUGE tumbling passes, then angry nails a high, kicked out tuck double back dismount with an elite stick.

11:19 - GSE nails her routine, adds the Onodi, and nails the landing. Pisani for the HOGS now - wait! The boobie glitter is in the shape of a pig! BOOBIE PIG GLITTER! Gah. PS - now that she's graduating from college, perhaps she'll have time to comb her hair? Easy full-in, easy fhs rudi layout stepout that she wanted to do yesterday, easy high double pike.

11:23 - Wong from NB has several bobbles on beam, and now EHH is making a show on fx. And nails the routine she wish she'd done yesterday, including the amazing dance. LOVE.

11:26 - Priess now on beam for Bama - COMB YOUR HAIR. She chucks a Rulfova for fun and sticks everything else. Bama may not be able to repeat now that beam ice twins GSE & Priess are graduating.

11:34 - 13 y/o senior Fergilicious on beam. Nails the KZ pass bhs, lso, lso to knee, nails the double full dismount, and could she outscore GSE?

11:37 - Ding floats her tumbling, and makes me sad she was never healthy enough to do fx earlier in her career. Ivana Hong now on beam, and already has a balance check on her acro series and on her side flip. Too bad, but that's why she's a world bronze medalist on beam, and not a gold.

11:40 - Dickerson emphasizes her high tumbling, but doesn't absolutely stick the dismount. We'll see how the judges score that. Pisani now on beam for Boobie Glitter Pig.

11:45 - Melanie Jones of Oregon State nails her fx, impressing Suzanne, and Katie Matusik rocks beam for Arizona. The commentators comment on her doing the same front aerial to scale "like Nastia" without noting that she's from WOGA, aka Nastia's gym.

Aaaand a fx by DeZiel and a beam by Spinner (LOVE - drat that step on the dismount!) and we're done! Congrats to EF winnahs Hunter, Ding, GSE & Ding! Thanks Tornado leos! Thanks to Ding's shiny taupe! Thanks to UCLA's Vegas leos! Thanks Rheagan Courville's head animal. Thanks to Boobie Glitter Pig! Thanks to FUCKING BLUE! and their methed-out gay techno!


  1. Ding is great but should have finished out of the top 3 on floor as opposed to winning. That was horrible judging.

  2. Yeah, it was obvious that as soon as Ding hit, the judges were going to give her the win regardless of other gymnasts hitting better routines. If she was in a different leo and at a Nationals anywhere other than Georgia, she probably finishes 5th. I am glad that she won bars though.

  3. Kat's win had nothing to do with her leo or that she was in Georgia. Some people just have sour grapes.

  4. EHH was clearly better on floor. She should've won that for sure.

  5. I thought hibbs should have been 5th at most. I wonder if the judges were trying to be nice to her because she threw away the national championships last night?

  6. Hibbs routine had minimal bonus, no extra leaps, and was not original at all. Her tumbling was not unique.

    Kat had .6 in bonus {hibbs only had .5} she had extra leaps, and more unique tumbling. Her first pass for example was worth .2. Hibbs was only worth .1 Granted last year Kat would not have won this. It was only by the heroic efforts by val to create a new bonus principle that only Kat used this year that pushed her for the win.

    Plus really hibbs looked out of shape, kinda soft and fluffy. Her dance made absolutely no sense.

    I seriously do not see what everyone sees in UCLA. They used to have great floors. This year the dance was very very sloppy.