Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This and That

(The way we were for Team Chan...)

Patrick Chan parted ways with coach Christy Krall this week.  Speculation is abound after Krall resigned due to her role on Team Chan being de-emphasized.  This marks the second coach to resign from Team Chan, as Don Laws previously relieved himself from his duties.  Chan's decision to de-emphasize his coach is questionable, as he was a most inconsistent skater who struggled with Triple Axels and was unable to land consistent clean Quad Toes prior to Krall's tutelage.  Now, Chan is an inconsistent skater who wins on the basis of his Quad Toes, Triple Axels and inflated second mark.  This does not help the skater whose victory at the most recent World Championships was met with boos from the French crowd.  If ever a skater is in need of a PR manager, it's Patrick Chan.

Last week, the diving world lost a hero in Mark Lenzi.  I remember Mark from the 1996 Olympics where NBC aired a fluff on him that really illuminated the need for an athlete to enjoy the process.  Lenzi spoke about feeling empty after his fifteen minutes of fame were up upon winning gold at the 1992 Olympics.  Lenzi came back to competition and captured bronze in Atlanta.  Lenzi died following a two-week stay in intensive care after his blood pressure dropped.  This is a tragic loss for diving and the USOC.

Viktoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina continue on their comeback trail following injuries suffered in 2011.  Mustafina has returned to form on bars, but still appears to be lacking strength and stability in her knee.  Recent clips show Mustafina wincing in pain during every attempt at a standing arabian on beam.  If ever an athlete was capable of willing herself back into top form, it's Aliya Mustafina.  Komova appears to be escaping puberty unscathed and looks stronger than she did last fall.  Komova recently underwent minor surgery on her ankle to increase blood flow and prevent bone death.  Both starlets are scheduled to compete at a 'friendly tri-meet' this weekend, as Mother Russia selects its team for the European Championships and begins its drive toward the Olympic Games.  The Russian coaching staff has made it known that the team is in dire need of Amanars to compete with the Americans.  The pressure is on.

Komova is also training a double-double dismount off Uneven Bars.

Gabby Douglas officially turned professional this week, as it was announced that she has signed with Sheryl Shade.  Shawn Johnson now shares a coach, an agent and a charismatic personality with the potentially new 'it-girl.'  Douglas' candid persona is part of the reason fans and members of the media will be drawn to her.  Unlike many of her robotic teammates, she is utterly real in this segment for Nick News.

Jordyn Wieber is shown easily reeling off a double layout on the real floor during this latest piece.  Let the routine D-score speculation begin!

A few words with Maria Paseka, who needs to put up or shut up on vault.

Sandra Izbasa is looking strong with her latest vault upgrade.

Courtney Hicks has left John Nicks as her primary coach and is now training for Ken Congemi.  Sadly, it may have helped Wagner and Hicks to push one another in training.

Nathan Chen captured gold at the Gardena Spring Trophy.

Nastia Liukin introduced the showcase on The Price Is Right for USAG to promote Olympic Trials.


  1. It's so easy for you to bash Chan - the flow from Chan and Krall's split to Chan needing a PR Guy (which I agree with!) are not related.....

  2. A few posts back, you put up some videos and I commented that Michelle was a genius at 'hearing' the music as she skated.

    I bring this up because I am convinced that Patrick Chan cannot 'hear' music - at ALL. I think the reason he keeps programs for two years is that he has to memorize each single bit of business as opposed to letting the music help 'cue' him as when to do this or that. I'd bet a lot of his constant stream of mistakes are because he lets his ears 'hear' something and gets confused.

    For all the shills propping him up - I doubt anyone except a small group of Canadians will remember him once he's gone from the scene.

  3. Gabby needs a better weave. I think going pro at this point wasn't a great decision. The average person hasn't ever heard of her and she hasn't own any major individual medals.