Saturday, April 28, 2012

This and That

Aly Raisman signed an endorsement deal with GK.  If only her hair looked that good during competition.  Sadly, her turning professional means we may be stuck with her on the elite scene for another quad.

Peng Peng Lee won bars at Osijek World Cup.  There may not have been stiff competition, but she does look to be prepared to have respectable Olympic Games if all of the Canadians aren't burnt out from too many competitions and not enough training time since Worlds.  (Fun fact: Aunt Joyce gave the female commentator in the video a few ESL lessons last Christmas.)

Ellie Black, the talented but sloppy trickster, won vault.

Ginger Jackson auditioned for Audrey Weissiger's YAS3.  I really admire Sean's pure love for the sports and have come to know that he is an all-around good person.  Add him to the list of people you can't help root for.  I sure do.

Brenna Dowell verbally committed to Oklahoma.  This is a huge recruit for the Sooners, who continue to build their program.  While the end of the season ended in injuries and a shocking early elimination at NCAAs, the remain a top team in the country with one hell of a coach.

Ashleigh Brennan at VIC States

Georgia Bonora at VIC States

You may have missed it, but Daria Joura is making a comeback in hopes of qualifying for the Olympic Team.  It would be great to see her have a successful Olympics after the last one was sullied by injury.


  1. Aly has already said she is going for another quad.

  2. People say a lot of things before the Olympics. Nastia was going to compete all four years when she gave interviews leading up to Beijing.

  3. Nastia is a liar and that has been proven. Aly isn't a liar